Saturday, 7 August 2010

Style Icon: Melanie Laurent.

Since I am currently away in France, it seems fitting that I should look to a french(wo)man for inspiration.
You'll probably recognised Mélanie Laurent from her lead role alongside Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds. She struck a chord with me then, not only for being her presence as an actress (the first scene hiding under the floorboards is just heart-wrenching) but for her transition of street urchin struggling to get by, and being mistaken for a boy several times, to ultimate Parisian killer darling in 1940s France.
What I love about this leading lady is shared with Marion Cotillard - it's not just her style (which in part I am sure is taken off her hands entirely) but her attitude. Her look is classic with an edgy twist, breton with a smile. 
I'm sure part of my love for her is simply down to the fact that she's French (in my book, a plus from the start). Though she isn't the chocolate-box appeal like say, Audrey Tatou, who I also adore, don't get me wrong. This girl is different - cheeky, fun and a little bit naughty. I adore the grungey look two up (seriously coveting a leather waistcoat after this) and I find it so refreshing that she doesn't automatically blindly follow trends. This girl might not be the pinacle of fashion, but she sure has style.

Channel Laurent
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  1. I loooove her. I've been told I look like her which I think is a bit of a stretch (no, a big stretch) haha. But she is so pretty and I love her style

  2. She's beautiful. I love her hair in that first picture soo much!



  3. Oh yeah, she was so striking in that movie! Her walking up the stairs to the projection room with Cat People playing was so killer. I love Tarantino. He's a total feminist.

  4. That is one perfect fashion topknot... jealous!

    Hope you're enjoying your holly!



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