Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Velvet Morning.

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Looking to seasonal catwalk collections is a bit much for me. I know there are some bloggers who swear by Style.com and it's endless updates, but I have neither the time nor the inclination. But I thought 'why not' when I picked up this rather inyourface dress a couple of weeks ago. I've worn it by itself on a couple of occasions because I just couldn't bring myself to clash the fabric with anything, the velvety sheen has quite an impact all by itself. 
Velvet Dress - Primark
VTG Fur Stole - Spitalfield Market
Belt - Primark
VTG Bally Boots - eBay

I feel like some sort of gothic bridesmaid. (in my head I'm screaming zombie ex-wife, down Mean Girls references, down.)

I googled 'velvet' in a rush of madness when I got home, and although the rather wonderful collections I discovered are a million miles away from my Primarni ensemble, I still love them for different reasons. 
Jean Paul Gaultier - There's quite a navajo twist to these two shots, especially with the headdress to the right. It makes me think "no, I shall be brave enough to mix materials, even if they do clash." I'm not sure why I never thought of this before.
Versus - I really like the wearable tailoring of these two shots. They're incredibly flattering shapes and although it would be futile to hope that my chest would fit into the dress on the right, one can but dream. I do like the idea of corsets, but with a figure blessed with smaller waist and larger bust, it's tricky to find one which doesn't result in unattractive overhang (nice).
Andrew Gn - This is how I imagine velvet to lie most comfortably, with a gothic edge. I don't think I'll quite manage the knee-high buckle belts, but I love the nipped in waists of these frocks, and the balance between delicate detailing and tough jackets.

Which is your favourite? xox

PS If like me you're quite a photoshop novice, and are always a sucker for pretty pictures, head over to a competition to win a personalised image of yourself done by the oh-so-talented Caroline at Ergy-Erg!


  1. Gorgeous outfit, so Christmassy and cosy :) You've got me feeling all wintery!..and I must stop putting 'y' on the end of everything ha.
    Lovely post. x


  2. Cute dress! Love how it's got a full skirt - quite a nice change from all the body con ones out there. I don't know if I can really pick a favourite. There are things I like about each. But that Andrew Gn gown is just beautiful.

  3. This outfit is so sweet...I do love the purpley velvet with the red belt.


  4. Hello.Thank you for loving my style.I was flattered that I compare to Chloe-she will always be for me,an icon of style!Funny beings not the first person to say it.
    Now,I M your follower,I hope that become my follower too.Kiss.

  5. wow! i love the velvet!
    i have been looking into getting in on this trend but there is no way i could pull it off as well as you xx

  6. Oo you look so fancy in fur and velvet. Hope its fake! :p
    I love that dress by Versus. I instantly thought wearable too.

  7. ahh, the versus collection is lovely! have you seen the velvet dress by tba in urban outfitters? and the coat by them too?? (can you tell i'm a fan of velvet by any chance? ;) )
    you look lovely, and i hyped on lb (: xo

  8. you look very cute in that outfit girl :)

  9. I've seen this a couple of times and kind of want it, although it might be a bit short on me!

  10. your velvet dress is seriously amazing, you look great in it! sorry for the late reply, i hope your well :D

  11. so so beautiful, love your outfit. velvet is such a gorgeous fabric. definitely love the versus and jean paul gaultier collections.

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  12. Velvet is so gorgeous when it's worn right. I love how you styled it except the fur (hope that wasn't too honest)
    JPG has to be my favourite. Even with the most crazy catwalk shoes, when you just look at the pieces separate, they are really amazing <3<3

    x x x x

  13. Love the Versus outfits!


  14. My favourite one is yours, I love the colour and the fur add!
    adorable blog!

  15. I WANT THAT STOLE. i can't find the perfect one. I bought a velvet dress from primark last week but it's the body con style. So in love with it at the moment.


  16. Lovely dress. I nearly bought a faux fur scarf/stole from Topshop today but nothing beats vintage of course1

  17. I love how you've teamed the dress with the stole. :) I don't know if I'd have the balls to wear velvet - I have horrible memories of velevt dresses as a child. :/ then again, I did say the same about floral dresses... x

  18. I literally love this outfit, your dress is so nice, and the stole is amazing!! I love your 'gothic bridesmaid' look!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  19. Claire you look amazing! That dress really suits you (:
    I love velvet & I think the collections you picked out showcase it's versatility wonderfully


  20. gorgeous dress, the purple is wonderful on you :) i don't get on with style.com either unless i'm in the mood so you're not alone there!

    i love the andrew gn strapless gown, so dramatic!



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