Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ticking the boxes

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Some wonderfully stylish ladies to brighten up your dreary mid-week blues.
My Fashion Stable & This Time Tomorrow

Proportions: These two ensembles just cry out HUGE in every possible way. I've been trying out my 'bigger is better' mantra and have found that not only it is the reverse of the expected tent-like, man-I-feel-fat-in-this, but I am more comfortable, more cosy, and generally more happy when I cover everything up. Susie Bubble is the queen of layering; everytime I see a street snap of her maxi skirt under a midi skirt under a mini I swoon.. wish I could pull off the three tier swish like that girl. If I want to wear something that makes me look like an elephant on the hips, I shall do so, and what? Gonna send Gok after me?

Faux-fur and Red Cardigan respectively. Y'know when you'd never though you'd need a red cardigan in your life, and then KAPOW, you see someone else rocking one and you're convinced? Well, this has happened to me. Not pillar-box red mind, a more subtle maroon now that I'm not a ginger. Oh and rust-coloured elbow patches sewn on too. Yeah. Image to the left has me reconsidering faux-fur in large quanities too. I have my qualms about fur, mainly because my one piece is real (don't throw eggs at me, please) but this is just so huge and snuggly it could quite possibly make up for the fact that I don't have any pets at uni.

Wedges & White tights respectively. A continuance of 5-year-old nostalgia here on the right. And yet it would hide my pasty winter legs ("these aren't tights, it's my ACTUAL skin colour") whilst keeping snug and looking stylish simultaneously. If you're not a follower of this girl on the right, get on it. Frequent perfect outfit posts peppered with beautiful inspirational images. On the left, I. Want. Those. Shoes. Wedges have been everywhere during the blogger coverage at LFW, but I don't care how ubiquitous they are - just look at the silhoette of that foot. [Ok, so it does help to be as lithe and elegant as this lady, but anything that helps me not tramp around like an elephant is sure to be A Good Thing.]

 My laptop is currently at the shop being fixed (booo), so I write to you from the depths of my university library. I am sure everyone is wondering what I'm doing not reading Journals. Bear with us currently under construction xox


  1. love the second row of style photos <3
    and wedges (especially black ones) with white tights are so beautiful together!
    style bubble is just a style queen, period.

    Vintage Stop at

  2. Oooh lovely. How do people get such great pics?!?! Mine are always totally pants.

  3. Love the coat in the third picture and shoes in the fifth, lovely xx

  4. Love all these looks. Especially the 5th image, the wedges look fab

    L x
    Half Dressed

  5. Love the first image for some reason. Not totally sure why.

  6. ooo do more posts like this - i love it!


  7. The very first one is my fav. Lumpy black, yes please <3
    I thought I ordeared some white tights from ASOS but turned out that they were nude. Boo. At least I can still wear short shit in the snow and fool everyone into thinking that I have powers against the cold. Yeah.

    x x x

  8. Great post, all these girls' outfits are beautiful. I want a pair of wedges like that too!

  9. Ohhh- thanks so much for featuring my photo! It's really funny to see my picture next to 'proper' bloggers like the stylish heart and lulu letty!

    Plus- this has reminded me i have a couple of pairs of white wooly tights tucked away somewhere- i need to find them now it's turning colder! xx

  10. Great outfits here! Love the red cardi and sheer polka dot blouse. Gorgeous!


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