Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Big Hair - An Expensive Experiment

Further from my last post, I also inspired myself (how is that possible?!) and posted a couple of pieces on my eBay shop. Head over for a peek at florals, 80s batwings and faux fur.

I treated myself this week to this monster machine.

I have the curse of thin hair, though lots of it, so any new tricks for boosting volume or getting rid of straggly ends is usually tried out pretty sharpish. I've used every product under the sun, tried every shampoo, conditioner and blow-drying technique. I've used rollers, I've held my head upsidedown until I felt dizzy. Everything. Apart from this.

At £45 RRP it's waaaay more than I'd usually pay for anything, let alone a fancy hair dryer. However, after watching this....

Looks amazing doesn't it? Ok, granted I haven't got locks that thick or luscious to begin with (nor that model's astonishingly good looks, she would look beautiful bald let's face it), but it intrigued me, so I splashed the cash and gave it a go.

My initial reaction was the sheer size of the machine. It's quite bulky with a big barrel probably more suited to thicker, longer hair (mine does tend to fall out when it's wrapped around the barrel). The technique takes a bit of practising, and it's never easy trying to follow the instructions in the manual and work out which direction the rollers should be spinning backwards through a mirror...

But ultimately I am impressed. Whether it's worth 45 smackers is debatable, that's a lot for anything in my book. Creating volume is limited with my hair anyway, but what it certainly does offer is that 'justoutofthesalon' look. My hair was glossy, shiny, bouncy and wonderfully styled. I had three people ask me today if I'd just had my hair cut, so if not for volume, it's worth it for sheer compliments alone.

The below shots were the after effects of a 20 minute session with the brush, and then some added Shockwaves Wax and a spritz of hairspray. How long this style will stay for is the question.

Dress worn as a top - River Island
High Waisted Shorts - Motel, via Topshop
Braided Belt - Primark
Vintage Boots - Bally via eBay

Thoughts? Have you tried out this machine, or have you some voluminising tips of your own? xox


  1. Ooh, that looks awesome. Anything's worth a go! Hopefully it'll stay in for you :)

    Rosie x

  2. It looks fab! £45 is pricey but ghd's are £100 and I use mine everyday so I think it's worth it.
    It dries and styles your hair at the same time which must cut down on the time it takes to get ready.
    I use Andrew Barton heated rollers to give my hair volume with a little hairspray and it works fine and seems to hold all day.

  3. Wow, it's certainly given your hair some gorgeous volume! My hair is quite thick so it kind of gives itself volume :/ Haha.

  4. This is ace! I have similar 'thin and lots of it' problems and am seriously comsidering one of these, though I am not to bad with a brush if I do say so myself. Your hair looks lovely and bouncy though. I say it's a big success! xxx

  5. I got this for christmas, and I'm yet to try it properly! It's absolutely huge, and when I attempted it, I got it all tangled. That video makes it look so simple! You've inspired me to have another go after seeing your hair :) xx

  6. Oo looks like it did a really good job! I actually really want to try these, the price however does but me off a little.

    L x

  7. That looks amazing, your hair looks very healthy!

  8. You look fabulous! I think this works really well for you.

    I am rubbish with big hair tips because my hair is a natural frizz bomb of bushy proportions. I have to fight HARD with it to make it look sleek.


  9. i have this also :) it's worked really well on your hair, looks really nice! i find it alot better at shaping my hair than volumising it, but i still think it's a great product! xo

  10. I love your hair like this, it looks very lovely indeed. I hate spending so much money on hair products, but if it's going to make you feel fabulous and give your a hair a lift it's more than worth it :)xx

  11. Wow - I can totally see the diff it make on your hair and may I add, your hair looks hot! Hope it lasts a decent time!

    I spent a small fortune on a hair strightener ($AU300)... but its totally worth the money. I just think its better spending a lot of money on something good, then lots of little bits of money on things that dont work for you!

    xx Christie

  12. your hair looks great! £45 well spent!

  13. You hair looks great ♥!

    I need one !!
    Ack, but nothing really keeps my hair with volume for long, I think it's to long and unruly x) so it would probably just be a waste of money.
    Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance to buy one if I say it in the store, so I suppose I should just stay at home, haha.

  14. oh nooo! now i really want one of those! your hair looks gorgeous and seriously thick. xx

  15. Ohh it does look good. I am a bit too lazy to do anything with my hair...although i am also mid way through a big clearout/ ebay marathon! Well i've got as far as taking things out of my wardrobe and putting them in bags- i just need to do the all important 'photographing and listing' bit! x

  16. i am unable to do anything with my hair. i also suffer from thin hair.
    yours looks great!
    i will have to experiment more!
    x fi

  17. I don't really get on with devices like this, I'd somehow end up getting a big chunk of hair tangled up in it or something! It's worked wonderfully on your hair though, I can really tell a difference....looks lovely & shiny too! Volume wise, I just usually point the hairdryer upwards-ish & hope for the best, ha!

    Lovely outfit too mrs, love the autumnal colours in your top/ looks a little velvety, is it? :)

  18. Your hair looks so good! <3

    My problem is that I have too thick hair. Even tho it's super short, it's a battle trying to control it! hah

    x x x

  19. OMG YOur hair looks AMAZING! I want one of these right now, ahh I think im going to have to find one as a late christmas present to myself! REally though it looks fantastic
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  20. love your post!
    i have a new post up on my blog let me know what you think. ;)

  21. Looks like the brush thingy worked :D
    Nice outfit too!

  22. I have a babyliss curling iron but it didn't do the job so i never thought much of their products, but this one looks pretty kick-ass! the result is gorgeous. i'm gonna keep an eye out for it!

  23. I've seen this advertised and was tempted. I have thin hair but for £45, i think i'll just blow dry upside down. Good products & good conditioner really helps mine. x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?

  24. So how long did it work for? Backcombing really is the main way TBH... :) :) Other things can weigh your hair down (or kink the roots up with your straightners) ♥ xxxx

  25. That looks great :) How long did it stay in for?

  26. Ahhhh your hair looks amazing, wish I had the kind of hair that could even attempt volume! Love the 70s vibe of the outfit.

  27. It really made your hair look great! I am cursed with fine hair too and like yourself have tried all kinds. In the end I have resorted to having it cropped short, a la Twiggy. Much less hassle! :-) Thanks for your comment on my Holiday pics by the way...I was soooo sad to take my decorations down. Oh well bring on Spring/Summer now! xx

  28. cute look


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