Monday, 10 January 2011

Penny Savers : Wardrobe Rotation

[Firstly, hello my swarm of new readers! I've no idea where you've all appeared from all of a sudden, but it's lovely to have you here, so thankyou, and hi.]

I would like to introduce a new feature to the blog, I'll dub "Penny Savers" Not a regular one as such, but some hints and tips as I have found for ways to make money. Or rather, save money (it's near impossible to build funds of any kinds a student. Though, if you manage it, please get in touch! I'd be all ears.) I've recently finished a Christmas gift book called Savvy Chic which has a fair few interesting ideas for making money go further, particularly in furnishing the home and on the travelling front. It has inspired me to take a look at how I can organise my funds and my outgoings better and more efficiently. Well, this is on the most part a style blog, so that's what I'll try to focus on.

The first (mini) tip I'm going to share with you is my ethos of wardrobe rotation. All it requires is some objective sacrifice, an eBay account, and a little time. I'm a big believer in de-cluttering my wardrobe on a regular basis. If things don't get well-loved, frankly they're not worth having. And any clothes or accessories which you do manage to sell away, earnings of which can be put back into the pot to make sure you're spending money on keepers. Here are my top tips for ensuring a thrifty, well-maintained collection of ensembles.

1. Work out what you love, what you like, and what you don't remember buying. Group a) is a keeper, group b) should be experimented with to see if it's worth keeping, and group c) can be put on the 'go' pile.

2. Forget the notion of 'seasonal' dressing. If you're a UK reader, you'll be well aware that some February days can be downright warm, and in August it could well be chilly. If you learn how to layer, there is no reason why those chunky knits need to be put in the attic for a few months. And it will mean you don't buy "seasonal" wardrobes too. Keep your favourite pieces all year long, and simply update occasionally when you get bored.

3. Having a good wardrobe clearout every few months can be strenuous on time (eBaying/etsying/blog-shopping) can take a day, plus the cumulative cost of postage can be horrendous!) so try to do little and often. If you ever spot a lonely dress you've not made use of in 6 months or more, perhaps it's time to get rid.

4. Be brutal, but be considerate. It's amazing how little you can survive with as a rotation wardrobe - I have 4 or 5 jumpers and 3 or 4 cardigans that go with everything I own. It's fair to get rid of stuff you don't wear anymore, but if something has sentimental value or you just can't face saying good bye, wrap it up and store it away for a few months. When you eventually find it, you could well rediscover the love.

5. If in doubt, if you don't miss it, you don't need it.

[Sources - weheartit : search wardrobe]

This might sound brutal advice, and perhaps not what you were expecting from a style blogger! But I have never been the one to follow trends blindly. The more you consider your own style by looking at your body and what suits you, the better your clothes will work for you and you'll ultimately need less.

What are your tactics for how much you keep and how much you rotate? Are you a hoarder or can you not bear clutter? xox


  1. I've got two big bags of clothes I need to put in my blogshop but it's just finding the time. I'm also having a month off shopping because I know I have enough clothes as it is/it'll save me some money. Good tips Claire! x

  2. Don't forget charity shops! They really need stock right now because they didn't get many donations in December because of all the snow. January really is a good time for a clear out, great post

  3. Great post and very good tips. I'm a total hoarder and I need to do a big clean out of my unworn things which are really just taking up space. I shall be taking your advice x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  4. I need to sell some of my clothes, saying that I have a HUGE amount of clothes but I love them all and have built up a collection of truly gorgeous things :)

    Maria xxx

  5. Great post, congrats on the readers, you bloody deserve them!! I'm such a hoarder, I have a cupboard in my flat full of clothes that I've just thrown in and then I moan and say I have nothing to wear haha. You have inspired me to tidy it up and have a sort out. Xx

  6. Great advice. Im always selling things on ebay, keeps the wardrobe looking fresh and gives more money to buy new things! Win win situation!

  7. These are all great tips and things that I've been thinking about a lot lately. Just the other day I started piling things up to put on eBay. I think I've finally come to the realising that they are *just* clothes. Here's to wardrobe decluttering!

  8. this is it, this is what it's about. i've made £55 on 4 items on ebay this week. kaching! top tips

  9. I have to say that I'm definately a hoarder! I have good intentions of clearing out my wardrobe but sadly these intentions havn't been realised yet! :/

    Great tips, hopefully one day I'll make use of them :)

  10. I was only just saying the other day to my boyfriend that I need to start selling my old/unwanted/ill fitting etc clothes. great tips, it's got me totally motivated for a major clean out of my overly stuffed wardrobe :)
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  11. LOVE the post. These tips rock! I just did a mega wardrobe clean out! 5 shopping bags full, most haven't been worn within the last year or don't fit. All of which Im going to donate to charity.

    Congrats on all the followers lovely, your one of my fave bloggers, you defo deserve them! :)
    x x

  12. I definitely rotate and get rid of things regularly. I never sell them though. I either give them to Goodwill or to family or friends. I'd never actually considered Etsy or Ebay. Hmmmm...

  13. This is a great post, brutal is best I think. I have so many clothes, most of them really crap that I need to throw out or donate to charity!

  14. Well said Claire! I'm not ruthless when it comes to throwing away treasured clothes - I like to keep things that bring me happiness, doesn't bother me if they don't fit any more! They don't take up that much room in the cupboard.

    Having said that, I do go through the wardrobe fairly often and yank out things that I just don't wear. There's always a better home for them than my overcrowded wardrobe.

  15. I'm a total hoarder, and I KNOW for a fact that I need to do this with my wardrobe. I have so many things I need to get rid of, and boxes of things I have already decided to get rid of, but haven't actually done anything with yet...! This post is very encouraging and I think I'll bite the bullet this week!

  16. I love this post, it's great how you've listed things in points and the pics are lovely too. I am much a hoarder of clothes, but tend to have a mad clearout totally spur of the moment kind of thing when I feel like it! xx

  17. Wow, I actually really enjoyed reading this post. Especially because I have limited funds and really need to save some dosh.
    I was actually planning on selling a bunch of clothes on ebay this week so these tips really helped out. Thanks!
    Oh and your blog is cute, I'm definetely going to be back.
    Keep up the great work! x

  18. Great new idea for a post :) Completely agree! My trouble is the hassle with selling like you said, and the postage costs. Also note: I hate the Post Office, haha.
    I tend to bundle stuff into the loft...

    Rosie x

  19. Ooo I love rotating my wardrobe, the only thing is sometimes I pack things away and then realise I actually want them out - annoying! I'm quite good at throwing things out though - or rather putting them in a charity bag! Mostly because I know if I don't not everything will fit in my wardrobe lol

    L x

  20. This is such good advice, especially the bit about 'seasonal dressing' - weather in the UK is so mental anyway, there's absolutely no point in having a 'winter wardrobe' and a 'summer wardrobe'!
    You've definitely encouraged me to *try* to change my ways, as I am SUCH a hoarder! I think it's about time I opened the scary drawer under my bed (full of clothes I've not worn in FOREVER) and have a serious think about what I should get rid of...

  21. Brilliant post, fabulous tips!

  22. great tips. xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway over on my blog for a foxtail if you'd like to check it out. :)

  23. I've added that book into my amazon basket! I'm all for decluttering my wardrobe - it's always an excuse to buy more clothes. (:

    Lizzi xx

  24. I already do almost all you said. I've never been a compulsive buyer and I really think about what I am buying. That means that sometimes I see it and don't buy it, and when I decide I want it, I can't find it anywhere.
    The only thing I don't do is sell. I'm lazy and I really don't trust all the internet selling. But I would love to have a sale with friends and swap our old clothes. I haven't found anyone interested yet.... xxx

  25. i love these tips. my only other tactic is to literally rotate my wardrobe rails so that different clothes are in the front every few weeks. makes a masssive difference, especially as i am ultimately a creature of sartorial habit! X


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