Friday, 25 February 2011

Heartbreak and heartache

I experienced utter heartbreak yesterday afternoon when I learnt that both sets of film I had taken with me in Venice with my new Holga had been developed... completely blank. And yes, I can hear your gasps of breath even as I type this. I couldn't face posting yesterday about it I was so miserable; one of those rare moments where you blindly sob in the middle of the city centre, how embarrassing.

However, when I got home from work to discover Liam's wonderful shots of our memories, my grief lessened. I'm still really sad they hadn't worked, all I can think is that I hadn't wound the film around properly when I loaded it (what an idiot) but I've been practising since and it seems to feel better. This is the difficulty in manual film - it's all or nothing!

1. View over the Grand Canal / me with a delicious cheese & wine platter
2. Outside St. Mark's Square
3. Love on a gondola / one of the many beautiful Venetian views
4. Wandering through the Jewish Ghetto
5. Playing dress up with our souvenir masks
6. One of the 16 Chiesi of Venice / a side street canal
7. Confetti still on the ground from the Carnivale

Now comes the heartache! I wish I was back there so badly. All that awaits me back home is reading preparation for my research proposal, snotty customers in work (I got shouted at for asking for money for a customer's drink today), and general 'meh' in a disgustingly dirty student house *sigh*

My rant is over, for I can look back at these digital snaps and smile at the memories forever. Off to play netball in a bit so I'll be sure to wear myself sufficiently to release enough happy endorphins haha! xox


  1. That really does suck about your film :( Manual can't be such a pain in the arse! But at least your boy has some wonderful shots!! They pictures look brilliant, I'm glad you had a brilliant time

    L x

  2. Oh no, how annoying =( I remember my first few rolls of Diana Mini (and still now sometimes) were terrible.. at least you have these beautiful ones your boyfriend took (love the last two most!), but I know how frustrating it can be!
    Hope things pick up again soon. It's always hard going back to dull normality after a break xx

  3. I'm sorry that your film didn't work :( I love these pictures though, it looks so beautiful :) I love the masks too, I have always wanted to go to a masquerade ball!

    Maria xxx


    hmmm I wonder what might have happened? Perhaps it was the X-ray machine?

    Regardless of the loss, these photos are just brilliant.

  5. om gosh you poor thing that would of reduced me to tears too on the plus side these photos are stunning xoxo

  6. Oh, noooooooo! I was looking forward to seeing your Holga pics. Still, these digital pics you have are gorgeous. Venice is just like how I remembered it to be.
    Love those Venetian masks!
    Glad you had a lovely time

    P/S: Where did you send your film to?

  7. Awww hun that's so sad :( Atleast Liam got some great pics and you have the memories. Hope you are ok xxx

  8. aww no that must be so gutting

    i would love to go to venice it looks so nice and the water is beautiful :)



  9. Gutting about the photos! At least you've got these stunning ones and the memories (: It looks so so nice. Keep smiling sweet.

  10. I hate the getting-back-from-holiday feeling! But I'm glad you had a good time - loving the photos :)
    Sucks so much about your pictures,

    Rosie x

  11. Oh no!!! So sorry to hear about your pictures. At least Liam took some good ones. Seems like such a beautiful cty: I've always wanted to visit it.

  12. oh hun thats horrible, i know the feeling of losing photo's from a trip away (luckily we got ours back but for about a week i was just a mess), at least you've got some photo's to remember it by.

  13. That absolutely sucks, but at least you have the amazing memories! I lost my holiday camera once, and managed to console myself by saying that now only us people on the holiday had the memories, and it was more special and personal that way. Still, these snaps are amazing, you guys look like you had such a nice time!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  14. Oh no how rubbish, at least you got some pictures though! It looked amazing, glad you had a good time!

  15. Oh goodness I am so sad for you, when I was studying AS photography I had this very same problem, it was so disheartening after all the effort that had gone in. All you can take from this is the fact that next time you may get stunning photographs.
    Venice looks beautiful xxx

  16. oh geez-oh-man that is rotten luck. it's happened to me before, also happened when i used a film over a year and when i went to take it out the film fell out and unwound all over the street. big loss. glad you got some more though.

    london was hellish

  17. oh truly i am so so sorry, i have an old kodak brownie and am desperate to learn how to put the film in right! at least you have all these gorgeous pictures to remember venice by, it looks beautiful!
    thanks for stopping by my blog xox

  18. Yay you went on a gondala :) Hope you had an amazing time! Such a shame about your films :( x

  19. ah that sucks that your film didnt develop! i literally gasped when i read that they came out blank:( you have some really lovely pictures here though lady! your masks look lovely and i love the picture of all the confetti xxx

  20. Oh, poor you! What a bummer. You'll just have to go back once you've got the Holga under control!

  21. oh, i'm so, so sorry to hear about your diana! it's annoying that they're from venice, but i'm sure they'll work next time, and liam's photos are amazing! take it as an excuse to go back another time...? ;) xo

  22. Oh poor you, I know how it feels, the same happened to me a few years ago. Or last year : I took a lot of really beautiful pictures with my reflex camera and... the camera broke. I loved my camera so much that I had given him a name ; you don't imagine how sad I was when Edgar died.
    Anyway, afterwards the pictures don't remind you that much of your holidays, and the best is still in your head. Plus, it is a good reason to go back to Venezia!
    Have a good sunday.

  23. ooo thats horrid :(
    dont worry im sure there is time to take more pictures!1 :D
    thanks for the comment!!
    follow each other? :D

  24. oh thats such a shame about your film! then photos are gorgeous though, it looks amazing! xx

  25. Oh that is an absolute nightmare!
    These photographs are beautiful, and I'm sure it'll make you cherish them even more. And definitely an excuse to go back again!
    It's always been my dream to go to Venice, it sounds like you had a great time and looks spectacular

  26. these pictures are stunning xoxo

  27. Oh no! So sorry to hear about those missing pictures...but the ones you've posted are really lovely. :)

  28. These are so so breath takingly beautiful. I'm sorry about your blank. x hivennn

  29. oh no!! how awful! how did that happen? have u worked out what went wrong? at least u have lovely digitial photos to rem like u said!! :) xo

  30. A bunch of beautiful images :)
    Thankoo for sharing <3

  31. oh no! at least you have some images and they are very pretty indeed :)

  32. Oh gosh! How upsetting :(
    Looks like you had a wonderful time though x

  33. aww that absolutely sucks!! I think nearly every lomographer knows how you feel though, we've all been through it at least once :( Mine that didn't develop were from holidays in Tuscany. Your photos are still fab though!
    Chin up, keep up the fantastic blogging xxx

  34. Oh I feel your pain!!! I did the VERY same thing with my Diana mini in Bruges. Took sooo many photos and all were blank. I think my shutter has broken though :(


  35. Aww man, that would suck so badly. The trick is to always wind it a little way around before you close the back to make sure that it's well and truly wound in!


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