Saturday, 26 March 2011

Challenging my technophobia

This is a picture of my blog on my netbook, which I can now see on my blog on my netbook...
Aaah how the mind boggles

Well you'll be pleased to hear I have crawled back out from under my academic rock after a week thinking about nothing else but vignette research, and there will be at least three weeks before I dare mention anything to do with Uni again. TALK TO ME ABOUT SHOES AND HAIR CLIPS AND NAVAJO PRINT people I have never been more ready to think about frivolity! Haha!

Jazzpad has been quiet of late, but not uneventful. Blogging will be stepped up a notch now that I have the power of a portable laptop and a second hand iPhone generously donated by the Father. Tadaa. I had mentioned on Twitter that I was looking for a netbook for my birthday (it's the big 2-1 next Friday, how daunting) and I finally found one which is perfect. It was on sale for £190 and it's an Asus one which has a 92% size keyboard so it's perfect for blogging remotely working very hard on Uni assignments. I'm not as yet thrilled by the iPhone. I'm not one for unnecessary gadgets, and really a phone is just for phoning and texting. But Plants vs. Zombies is pretty addictive. Are you guys technophobes like me or am I already retired from the savvy generation?

Today has been marvelous with a blogger meet! I have so much to tell you all about! But it must wait, because tomorrow the boyf is taking me out to my Birthday Surprise. I have no idea what this is, where we're going or what the hell I wear. When I know, you'll know. I've realised I don't like surprises, they're just too infuriating! ha!

Blogger Meet write up and birthday surprise revealed tomorrow! xox


  1. Ooh birthday surprise sounds like excellent fun! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post :)

    I found with my iphone, the more I use it the more I love it. I was always a bit sneery about smartphones and I'm a complete convert now.

  2. Can't wait to read your post about the blogger meetup!
    Don't worry I'm a complete technophobe as well! When I need to hand in uni assignments online I always need to get my friend to help me with it, if she found out I have a blog she'd probably find it hilarious! xx

  3. we'll all a bit teched up in my circle of friends. my gf is totally obsessed, she just ordered an ipad. i have a naff old phone but im not so fussed, i can't afford fanciness really

  4. aaah YAY for no more uni work for a while :D
    I'm not really a technophobe, I love getting new bits of technology to play around with, but i'm no good when they break! x

  5. I was never one for phones, as long as I cuould text I couldnt care less what I had. Then I got an Iphone. I am in love! Fully converted haha! I use it for everything!
    Have a lovely birthday surprise!

  6. Ooo, have fun on your birthday surprise! I'm a complete idiot when it comes to technology - no proper grasp on it!

  7. I've only recently got a Blackberry so feel quite behind the times too! :p hope you had a fun birthday surprise Not bungee jumping was it??) xx

  8. The birthday surprise sounds so sweet and romantic! And I tend to shy away from technology too- no smart phone girl here. Hope things aren’t quite as hectic for you now, and I’m sure the Netbook will really be a great investment for you xx

  9. hope the birthday surprise is super fun :D


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