Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Photo Diary 3#

1. Awaiting Detroit Social Club on stage at the Joseph Wells venue in Leeds
2. A delightful selection of goods from Kakes Makes (I too was smitten)
3. How to spend a Monday afternoon - smear your face in chocolate...
4. ... or do a Hugo (who has recently been discovered to be female) and have a cat nap
5. Bought the NME last week. I felt very old and musically uneducated
6. A momento from Venice, commemorating 5 wonderful years ♥
7. Pancake Day - perfect with bananas and lemon juice
8. It's a ring thing - a selection of my favourite staple accessories

I'm not a tumblr person, instead I like to hoard my images until I have enough for a bounteous photo diary. Behold, some snaps illustrating my life in the past couple of weeks. Do you like photo diaries? They're a little mindless, but insightful all the same if well put together. Send me links to yours or your favourites! 

P.S. I'm planning the next vlog for the blog, so I'm opening forum for you guys if you'd like to see me blab on about anything specific. Any questions, comments or musings would be much appreciated - what would you like to know? xox


  1. i love those photo.the most i like is the,cat sleeping in the bed..it's so cute.

  2. Hugo gets cuter by the day, but my a female not a male, I bet that was quite a surprise for your housemates!

    The momento from Venice is so lovely and it's been years since I've read NME too xxx

  3. I love photo diaries, yours has some great pictures!! I do a photo diary post every now and then, I'm not sure if they're that interesting to other people, but I always love reading people's, and they're fun to put together!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. I really like photo diaries - more, more more!

    Hugo is so sweet. Shocker about the sex revelation though! What's her new name going to be?

    The Venetian necklace is just beautiful.

  5. These are beautiful photos :)
    I especially love the cat having a good old roll around on the bed!
    P.s Thank you for your kind words on my blog, it made me feel much better about the situation <3

  6. Haha love the photo of your chocolate face! Made me laugh!
    Gorgeous necklace from Venice, still very envious about that trip. Been hinting to boy to go away for our next anniversary next Jan haha!

  7. I really love people's 'week in photos' - especially if the photos are beautiful, which yours are!

    Rosie x

  8. yeah i agree with rosie - really love photo diaries! :)
    may eat my chocolate though ;)

  9. I love photo diaries. They're fun posts. Looks like you've been having a great time.
    I really love your rings and the pancakes look delicious.

  10. i love photo diaries. the one of you in your face mask is great =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. Haha, Hugo is Hugomina...bet that was a surprise! Ooooh I love your Kates Makes stuff...is that a cassette badge? I must get over there & buy something, been meaning to for ages. Your necklace is so lovely too, what a wonderful anniversary gift! :)

  12. I think photo diaries are really interesting. I imagine mine would be pretty mundane though - a picture of my desk, a picture of the tv, a picture of my desk again... stuff like that.

    Oh, and thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it was very nice!

  13. That amber ring is beautiful, lovely photos!

  14. NME makes me feel old too, I'm not up to date with bands anymore. I want it to be 2003 again! Strokes and YYY's, good times xx

  15. Love the photos- Kakes Makes looks like beautiful goodies! Your cat looks so cute :) Will she stay as Hugo? ;) xx

  16. I can't wait until i move to London so I can got to some more gigs - there are not really any around me!

  17. I wouldn't be able to make a chocolate face mask, it would end up in my mouth!

    Katie. x

  18. loving the little buttons and your cute kitty, my cat always covers her eyes like that lol it makes me giggle

  19. aww lovely post, very inspiring ! <3

  20. Great post, such pretty photos, I love your rings

  21. looks like such a fun week, lovely accompanying photos.

    Helen, X


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