Friday, 6 May 2011

Men's Needs

Firstly, I want to direct you all over to read Emily's post about FEMALE SOLIDARITY. I'm not about to advocate burning bras and not shaving, but come on gals, sticking together is important. I feel very strongly about the power of female relationships, they should never be under-estimated and I will openly and gladly value my best girl friends on a par with my family, boyfriend and anyone else worth a mention. Yeah, y'know who you are. BFF gushing aside, Emily's post is a great reminder that in the blogging community and IRL, life's too short for cattiness.

[Note : I don't want to alienate my male readers. It's not that I don't appreciate men, at all, just, y'know, there's a time, a place and an audience in which to discuss fake tan, R-Patz and other crucial and ground-breaking topics.)

Moving on, but still keeping along the gender line, it's high time I show you some street style I've been saving up for a menswear post. I do not claim to be any sort of authority on men's fashion whatsoever, but, I thought these lads looked pretty fly with their style not to mention being rather easy on the eye, and deserve some kudos.

Left: LOVE the geometric shirt on this guy. I'd wear that myself if I knew where to find such a thing. Also very appreciative of the oversized leatherness of his bag and the school boy shorts. A spot of cricket anyone?
Right: Well this guy just looks far too cool doesn't he. Wonderful trench coat with the sleeves rolled up, indie-boy woolly hat and that pissed off expression. I can hear my friend Jess scream hipster as I type. Lovely.

Left: First of all... how cute is this guy? N'aww. Kudos for the skullkandy headphones and Grandad jumper.
Right: Almost intimidatingly smart, he is the argument for why white trousers can and do look good on some guys. I think it helps to keep it smart, with another oversized bowling bag and scarf. Very nice.

What floats your boat with menswear? I'm interested to hear what your brothers/boyfriends/male friends think about fashion, and perhaps your individual styles especially. My boyf, for instance, is rather quiet about my clothes. I think he likes what I wear and what I look like, but I can't say he's remotely excited by news of a new frock. xox


  1. well well well i male-type post, this is interesting indeed to hear what you like the look of at the moment. i've seen most of these when i'm doing my street style rounds. from my point of view i like both images on the left most, i think they both look equally comfortable with their outfits without being too posy. my style has changed so much since being at college. i was a mega advocator of drainpipes when i was 18, i'm now 25 and it's a whole new ballgame. all my stuff i quite practical, subtle but with hints of random colours and details. that's what i think most men into style(not fashion fashion) look for most, little details. saying that, i've been doing fashion course for about 6 years so i reckon i can see it from both sides. enough waffle, do one of these again soon

  2. Love your picks
    I like it when a guy stands out a bit from the regular tshirt & jeans combo.

    I only know one guy who's interested in vintage fashion! :(

  3. life IS too short for cattiness :) I so agree with you. and these men look rather stylish indeed. I love looking at streetstyle and facehunter is a very good pick!

  4. Woop, lady power! Interesting menswear choices. I think I'm growing away from the indie boy look towards something more gentleman-ly... Going to start saving some menswear shots. x

  5. I really love the first guys shirt, simple but different.
    I like it when a guy has a nice trench coat and a great leather briefcase. I love a 'Mad Men' look, quite smart but vintage x

  6. my brother just lives in polo shirts and jeans, which is just so, so dull. i love the third and fourth outfits the best, skinny jeans are always a good thing! my friends know that if a guy looks good in skinnies and is wearing a t shirt featuring one of my favourite bands then he's my type (ha...). but i think guys should make just as much effort as girls in terms of clothing - equality!! xo
    (ps, in ref to the girls comment, it's such a shame to see those few blogs where it's turned into a massive bitch fest. i have a blog to find out about other's lives, to escape from that kind of behaviour in real life... if that makes sense)

  7. I agree about female relationships. There are some things you can tell only best 'female' friends and they provide something that a boyfriend can't. On the male fashion, i really that men have now figured out that fashion for them can also be fun. It can be simple, least never it can be boring. And they also have so many acessories on a dial. :)

  8. Oh love this post. My ex was interested in what I was wearing when with him but not overly woo about a new dress. I think it's because they can't imagine it on you/don't get it. I have twin brothers who are slowly starting to care about what they wear, it's scary. x hivenn

  9. I find men's fashion can either be a bit stale or a bit out there - the boyf is a big fan of Aubin and Wills but I like him in just a nice shirt and jumper combo. Then again, he never makes negative comments about what I wear so I guess I should keep my opinions to myself really... ;)

  10. I totally agree Claire, cattiness is totally unnecessary in the blogging world. Life is too short for one & so much of that goes on IRL its nice to escape from it (as Rebecca also says!).

    I like a man to be well dressed & to think about what he wears but I'd be a bit worried if he took longer than me to get dressed! I particularly like the granddad jumper in the third pic :)

  11. im in the same boat as you! my bf continually tells me i look good in anything & he's the quiet, sincere type that i actually believe when he says stuff like that. with regards to what HE wears... its getting better! he recently discovered skinnies and cardigans and he's starting to look more and more hipster/artsy fartsy the more he's at his art school in toronto, canada.

    thanks for the post, love! always fun to read :)

    ♡, Rosa T.

  12. I won't lie, this post has excited me greatly. I actually think I like menswear more than womenswear. I like it cuz the bounds are tighter, kind of like uniform, so it's easier to show style.
    My personal favourite of the photos is the guy with the skull candy headphones and the grandad jumper. He is just adorable.
    As for the way my boyfriend and male friends view my clothing choices, well Matt often comments that he likes things I wear, and likes that I challenge things a little. He speaks openly about how happy he is that I'm not a "vest top and denim shorts kind of a girl" (his words) but he's still caught a little off guard by certain things. My recent purchase of palazzo pants for example, did not go down particularly well, and just roused bouts of laughter and his insistence on calling them my "pantaloons". I guess I can't expect him to understand everything.


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