Tuesday, 10 May 2011

tying up loose ends

I've been a neglecting blogger of late. If I'm honest I've just not had the drive or the creativity to post anything vaguely interesting. You don't want to hear about my life working 7 days on the trot, promise. Today is my last day though (huzzah!) so I thought I'd make a bit of an effort.

Shirt - New Look
Shorts - Vintage Levis
Tights - Marks and Sparks
Bag - Handmade, Camden Market

This has to me one of my favourite outfit posts for a long time. Y'know when you wear something and it feels so comfortable; it's the perfect me outfit and if I could dress like this every day of the year with different coloured shirts, I would. Maybe I will. Never say never. The ribbon was John Lewis' best, I despair at paying an extra tenner to buy a shirt already with it, so what the hell I shall make a bow myself.

The bottom picture is how I wear my hair pretty much all the time. When it's not in a top knot, it's pinned up in this messy way, with no method and different every time. Even though I had it dip-dyed not so long ago, I'm not very good with long hair or what to do with it. So this will have to suffice.

I haven't been blogging for about a week because I've been organising the 22nd May Appeal. Though by now you may be sick to death of hearing about it, it's something I am so passionate/nervous/excited about, so I can't help but gush gush gush until the big day! And so, I thought I would show you what my uber-talented boyf knocked up in about half an hour to promote it around my town. How. Cool. (Realise there is a typo, when it's corrected I'll edit the post and replace with the final version).

Right I should be revising now (first exam a week on Friday, gaah!) so I'm going to go now. Chuss. xox


  1. Lovely outfit, completely agree about just adding ribbon to shirt yourself, people are crazy to pay to insane topshop prices! x

  2. such a great poster/flyer!
    i hope it goes really well for you :) xoxo

  3. Love your DIY bow :) bit of creativity never goes amiss! I've also been pinning my hair up willynilly the past few days, I've had a nice few comments from people about it. Goes with every outfit! xx

  4. Love the shirts, and that flyer is so well made!

    I should be revising too! Thanks for reminding me i better get on! haha


  5. i hope the stall is a huge success! your boyfriend did a great job on the poster - i love it! ox

  6. Good luck (for your exam & event, the poster looks great) . Absolutely love the bag. x hivenn

  7. I love that outfit!

    Good luck with everything x

  8. I love outfits like that too! Some of my favourite pieces are my blouses.
    And wow at the flyer - it's so so perfect!

    Rosie x

  9. Love this outfit! I love the ribbon tied round the collar, seen a few bloggers rocking it, definitley looks lovely on you! And that flyer is so good! I'm curious as to how far away it is from me, I'd actually love to come!! Thanks for the info about Battersea carboot, I may check it out! xxxx

  10. Gorgeous outfit, I love that shirt with the little bow it looks so cute! God luck with your first exam!!

    L x

  11. You look lovely sweet! The colour of the shirt really suits you and your hair looks gorgeous! I might have to try that out on my own hair!
    The flyer looks amazing, what a talented boyfriend you have!
    Totally agree that I would want to look like my mum when im old and grey. She has never worn any make up and has not wrinkles. She has natural beauty :)

  12. I lurve your shirt & good idea to add your own ribbon for a fraction of the price! I really like your messy up do as well...I have far to much heavy hair to able to do anything similar myself though :(

    Lil' Ferg is fine & healing well thank you :) I'm a Vet Nurse so hes in safe hands! I've ruled a few things out but now I'm concerned it's allergy or stress related...time will tell! :)

  13. Your top is so adorable - I love the ribbon too! Best of luck with everything - exam and event included!


  14. omg the shirt + the neck bow + she shorts
    perffeeecctt (´▽`) i love bows with collared shirts especially they are the best

  15. oh, i have those go to outfits too, that blouse is lovely! and i genuinely don't get why people pay extra for that bit of ribbon? i remember my friend bought some pj's from primark and i stole the ribbon that was tied round that and i find that works perfectly well! good luck with the 22nd may appeal if only i didn't have an exam the day after i'd have popped over. good luck with yours (: xo


  16. Good luck with the stall and well done for supporting such a worthy cause. x

  17. Thanks for your comment, I'm really glad you like it :D

    Your blog is so great and you are so pretty ♥
    Following you now !


  18. wowza, your blog is awesome! I'm always trying to get that messy updo look, it looks great! - and that shirt is GORGEOUS! :D xo

  19. Why can't you host the even in London aha


  20. I love this outfit! The colour of the shirt is gorgeous on you and I like the addition of the ribbon. I know what you mean about those outfits, sometimes you just put something on and think "why do I not wear this everyday?"
    Well done on the organisation of your event! Love the flyer. Xx

  21. You look so pretty, that outfit is lovely!
    That is one great initiative, clothes and help fighting cancer <3
    And as for your question, no I've never been to the shisha bar, should I try it? :)

  22. love this outfit! just linked to it:) the colour is gorgeous on you xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage


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