Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blogger Meet Update 1#

Hello lovelies! Well a week or so later and we've compiled a list of people who have shown an interest in
coming along to the Midland Blogger Meet on the weekend of the 23rd July, and so including Fritha and I (obvs), here's a list:

Becca - Fashion Train - @fashiontrain
Char - TRexes & Tiaras
Claire - PinkLittleBean - @pinklittlebean (Daytime only)
Daniela - Couture and Crumpets - @danielakate
Danni - Ellieand - @Dannimoo
Elizabeth - Rosalilium - @rosalilium_
Elouise I Need More Clothes - @imeloweez (possibly)
Emma - Oh Really? - @emmaohreally
Emma CM - Day Dream Believer - @ecorbinmckenzie
Florrie - Intrinsically Florrie - @iflorrie
Gem - Fat Frocks - @Gemma_DS
Gem - From Gem With Love - @FromGemWithLove
Hayley - Strangeness and Charm - @xhjw
Jazmine - Jazzabelle's Diary - @jazzabellediary
Josie - @joezehh
Joy - Dear Joy - @dearjoy
Laura Elizabeth - @LauraElizabeth_ (Daytime only)
Lily - Llymlrs - @Llymlrs
Louise - Moments & Moonbeams - @momentsandmoons (Daytime only)
Lyzi - Being Little - @beinglittle
Maria - Frills n Spills - @frillsnspills
Peacocks Hat - Inside the Mind of a Disco Ball
Phoebe - Nobody Chaperones the Charperone
Rebecca - It's Cohen - @rebeccacohen
Rhiiwn - @rhiiwn
Sara - SaraLuxe @Sara_Luxe
Sarah - Sarah Sees All - @sarahseesall
Sarah - A Million Dresses - @amilliondresses (Daytime only)
Selina - Flying Saucer - @selinajelibaby
Sherin - HiFashion - @HiFashionSherin
Sophie Nicole - Inspiration Bazaar
Susie - Take Out In Couture - @TakeoutCouture
Tasha - She Had a Halo
Tegan - Tegan on Toast (Daytime only)
Vikki - My Favourite Fashion - @MyFavFashion

[EDIT : Added some more people 15/06/11, let me know if you want in!]

Now this is only a preliminary list, so if we've missed you off then do get in touch, nothing is final yet. And if you have said you'd like to come and now it's not a good weekend for you, that's ok too, just let me know so we're not waiting for you unnecessarily :)

The plan as it has grown so far consists of this:
2pm meet in Birmingham city centre for some meandering round and a spot of shopping. We'll pick a meeting spot on a later date, but if you are getting in on the train Birmingham new street is probably the best bet. After shopping we'll head back to our respective hotels to get changed and glam up a bit before...
7pm rendezvous for dinner and drinks. We're still scouring for dinner but we've found one which ticks most peoples taste boxes, to be revealed at a later date. After food, depending on what time we finish, the general plan is hitting the town. It would be great if you could let me know what sort of night out you're into. I'm more of an indie sorta gal but happy to go with the flow! Birmingham has some ace nights out so its just about deciding where!

Hangover breakfast somewhere greasy, where we can say our goodbyes and head back home. If you all need to book trains in advance I'd probably say leaving around 1 would be a good bet, gives us enough time to recover, check out and eat before catching your trains.

That's a little more of a put-together plan than before isnt it. For those of you hoping to get involved for the whole weekend the Jury's Inn seems to be the best bet. A few of us have already got a room booked but have a look up the list and get tweeting to each other to try to pair/four up! Myself, Fritha, Rebecca and Emma are going for a 2x double bed room which works out cheaper (if you look around on expedia and comparison sites you can find a good deal). When you've organising where you're staying (even if it's not jury's inn, there's loads of hotels nearby if you google) please let me know! Don't want any stragglers! :)


  1. Just wondering how much this would cost roughly? Also, I'd have to check whether my parents would let me travel to Birmingham by myself, haha... xo

  2. it's good list... i like read new blogs... thank you


  3. Think I'm going to have to be just a daytime girl too as I have no I.D to go out on the night :( xo

  4. that. is quite the awesome list.


  5. This is such a bloody awesome idea! :) xx

  6. I want to commeee but I have two things working against me

    1) Saturday shifts at work, rota basis and I'm not sure if i'm on yet

    2) not actually knowing anyone *frightening prospect*

  7. @Eloise I don't know anyone either. I'm scared hahaha

  8. OMG how did I miss all this? (ok it was clearly too much work!) I'd be very interested in this if it's still open to additions! Quite new to the blogging scene as I've been over run with magazine bits and bobs and press fun!

    Tasha x

  9. For Tegan who wanted to know prices...
    My national express cheap rate was £5.50 each way from Cardiff, hotel was £33 for 2 double beds including breakfast. I'm going to say food/ drinks/night out can be done for £40 if you make good choices or if we go somewhere that we can use a voucher code? I don't drink much so my night out will be cheap. People who live near could just come for Lunch etc, lots of way of keeping the cost down. I'm staying for the night and making it a bit of a weekend away because I have time off work for summer.
    I'm really excited!!

    I have no idea what places are good for a night out, never been to b'ham but something like Propaganda? indie-ish?

  10. Are people all teaming up if they are staying? I'm reasonably local but feel a bit mean making the bf come get me at god knows what o'clock from B'ham! :D x

  11. Add me in there! I'm SO happy that there's finally a blogger meet up right on my doorstep, haha!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net


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