Sunday, 17 July 2011


One door closes and another one opens, so they say.

Leopard print shoes - Internacionale
Denim Shorts - Vintage Levis
Striped DIY Top - H&M Reworked
Parka coat - H&M

Tomorrow is my last day on placement after 6 weeks or so of running across the Midlands shadowing development officers, and I am genuinely gutted that now, at the point when I'm actually beginning to feel like I'm fitting in, it's time to leave! In honesty I was dreading such a long unpaid placement back in May - a combination of feeling like I couldn't be bothered (you're not meant to admit that sort of thing, but fuck it), I wanted my summer to start after exams, and money worries, but it has been spectacularly useful and I am so glad it worked out. I've met some lovely, lovely people and have been made to feel exceptionally welcome. To top it all off, on Friday which was my last day in the office, I was presented with this beautiful bunch of flowers, chocolates, a card signed by everyone and a wad of money (!!). There have been times where I've felt pretty useless and a bit of a burden on everyone, but to hear one of the officers tell me I have a brain like a micro-computer and that I don't need to go back to uni ("Stay here!") has made me glow.

If any of you are thinking about applying for placements, or even sending out speculative letters of interest to scout for some unpaid experience, I would DEFINITELY recommend it. There is only so much you can learn in the academic environment; to get out into the real work environment is really invaluable and has taught me a lot of lessons about what I am capable of and what sort of career I could consider having. As well as being put in contact with some potentially very useful contacts for my dissertation, *high five*.

So I'm pretty poor at the moment it has to be said, having ALL my money been going on petrol of late. And don't you always find that at your poorest moments in your life you are met with the most Covetable (capital C) material temptations? Kate tried these on in Internacionale last week and before they'd even graced my feet I had made the decision that they would be mine. Got a Thing. Or. Two with leopard-print, it seems I can't resist. And they say retail therapy is a myth...

I would like to think I'm less Lynch more Mosshart, tbh.

A heartfelt thankyou to everyone who commented, tweeted or texted me this week after my last post. It was completely unexpected and not at all why I decided to write about the reasons why I've been absent... but it was lovely to be swamped with kind words and it has really made me appreciate every single one of you xxx


  1. Awh hope you are ok Claire, really happy your placement went great. What lovely things they said, see you next weekend xx

  2. These photos are beautiful - good luck for the future! x

  3. I never look in Internacionale because the clothes don't fit but I obviosly need to be looking at the shoes.
    Glad you enjoyed your placement, as a graduate I can honestly say that work experience is a must. I did an unpaid work placement and then I got a job there a few weeks later!
    Can't wait to meet you on Saturday xx

  4. Good luck, Claire. I hope you'll feel happier now!

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now.

    Your placement experience will be so valuable to put on your cv and I am more than sure you are destined for a bright future ahead xxx

  6. Glad your placement went so well! I am totally with you I can not recommend placements highly enough I think they are just so useful! This shoes are also gorgeous!

    L x

  7. Alf of my nursing degree consisted in unpaid student placements and if it wasn't for the experience I wouldn't learn a third of what I did, it is hard, but necessary and fulfilling when finishing. I always felt like you, when it was coming to an end it was when I was most comfortable and finally fitting in, but that's life... I am happy you finished, yay!!

  8. I'm really starting to wish I'd got this kind of experience now - I've just left Uni and apart from a few retail jobs have very little real life experience to draw from. It sounds like you were really loved at that place - you obviously did a wonderful job, well done! x

  9. Oh I'm really glad you enjoyed the placement. Does this mean summer starts properly for you now then? (she says, typing this whilst it's pissing down with rain and really cold)

  10. so happy your placement has gone well. you should be proud of yourself for sticking in there and doing so well! love those leopard shoes too lady xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  11. it sounds like you had the most lovely placement, that's so kind of them to actually give you some money at the end! :')

    my contract for waterstones finishes next month, i'd love to do a short work experience placement afterwards!


  12. I'm glad you enjoyed your placement :).

    Those shoes are sooo pretty. I work in Internacionale and I've seen some of their footwear gracing the blogs recently :). An identical plain black pair has just come in :).

  13. Glad that you enjoyed your placement, it sounds like they really appreciated you too which is lovely :)

    Maria xxx

  14. sounds like it went really well indeed. i have to say i agree, i had the best time when i did mine and met some invaluable contacts

  15. i'm glad to see you're feeling better now :) i did work experience last year and i absolutely loooooved it! i've applied for more this year but no one's replied, sad times :(

    Vintage Stop at


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