Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Heritage dressing

One of the pages from the new Topshop A/W11 lookbook has me excited. Very excited. It's student loan season, and it's very Sheffield - a city of glowing new music and industrial heritage after all. I like dressing toughened up. Maybe it's because I'm such a wuss I like to be able to look a little bit harder than I actually am. Or maybe it's because I fear that if I dress as if I've walked straight out of picnic-friendly Miss Selfridge no-one will take me seriously. Whatever, this is just speculation.

What, however, is FACT, is that the coat you see above, with the turned up collar and rolled up sleeves, will be mine. Another one of those pieces you see nothing but perfection in it. Don't care whether it goes with the rest of my wardrobe. Don't care if it's not in season ever again. Don't even care how much it costs. I'm going to keep hitting screen refresh on the New Items daily until it's mine.

So hands off, yeah?

Instead, I've found another couple of beauties so you lot can leave this particular slice of perfection for me. Cheers. I realise it's July and many of you will be thinking about your holidays and bikinis rather than blazers right now, but doesn't hurt to be prepared right? It'll be September before you know it (sorry) and you'll be having The Coat Conversation soon enough.  xox

In the meantime, another shameless plug for my eBay listings, which are, as they have always been since the 22nd May Appeal, being sold to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The last collective total I received was over £1300, which is absolutely phenomenal for such a small scale event. Let's try push it up a bit further, yeah?!


  1. I love these pictures but I love how you're selling your own stuff to raise money for charity. Its so refreshing to see someone who really cares for others :) you're a credit to Breakthrough Breast Cancer xxx

  2. That ASOS heritage coat is wonderful - eyed it up the other day! xxx

  3. It is a beaut! I love the Asos ones too. xx

  4. I can totally see you rocking that Crombie Claire. Love the This is England feel of it all. Sally x

  5. i've already bought my winter coat (yep, i bought it a couple of months ago, actually), it's an ex-army jacket that i picked up for £7.50 in a charity shop. if that's not winning, i don't know what is!! and i loooove the coat you want, good luck with the refreshing ;) xxx

  6. The Topshop lookbook scares me a little - it's not exactly ideal for anyone who isn't super skinny! The ASOS coats are divine though.

  7. This looks lovely, I think my Tesco coat will be bang on trend! ;)

    Maria xxx

  8. sigh, I can't weat anything like this. Just looks wrong on me, jackets never sit right, darn boobs. I love this type of look, This is England mixed with Sloane/country girl.
    You are going to rock all the a/w treds. I just wear floral dresses all year and stick a cardi on in the winter haha xx

  9. ooooh I am LOVING that ASOS heritage coat more than life - thanks for introducing me to it!

    Great wee blog :) xx


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