Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A La Londres...

Here I am, back in the big smoke, and once more my life entirely revolving round a work placement. I had a great two weeks last year so my mindset a few months ago was to eagerly come back at any opportunity.... but after all the drama of 7 week experience stint earlier on this year, my mindset has changed and I would much rather be back home right now.

All the same, I'm determined to enjoy it! This is just me clocking in to say HELLO to my new followers, who I expect have sprung up from my guest post over at Frills N' Spills last Sunday while Maria was on holiday? How's it going my new lovelies? If you haven't seen my post, I'm veeeerrrry late to be highlighting that it went up on Sunday (I was her first guest poster, eeee!). Clicky click.

More posts lined up this weekend cherubs, xox


  1. ooooh London! if I pop down I will let you know and harrass you and take you for cake xx

  2. loved the picture :)
    have a nice time
    twitter: @nyloncake

  3. try to enjoy London! i wish i had the oppurtunity to go work there!

  4. Hope you enjoy the placement and do more than getting intimate with envelopes! xx

  5. Good luck with the placement! So jealous that you get to work in London. No one will hire me... I'm trying to not take it personally. Poo.


  6. I love the style of your blog! its so vintage and cute :) x


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