Saturday, 10 September 2011

Street Style Saturday

It's been a while since I've done a street style post, and to be honest I've felt a little uninspired this week with my own outfits (hello 3 dayoldhair and battered converse), so what better way to pick up the spark again by admiring how other people embrace the very seasonal knitted jumper. The weather is pretty grim in the UK at the moment so every body is wrapping up, piling on the layers and eating too much chocolate.... oh just me then? Right...

Knitwear in my book should be big, chunky, bright and loud. None of these fitted cardigans or v-necks, thanks. I just look bookish if I try to wear something so insubstantial. The lovely lady snapped on the left has it just right, with her bagginess on top contrasting her skinny trousers on the bottom. Definitely something I'm going to look to with a pair of black skinnies I bought yesterday (from Primark, no less). And Emma here on the right is just one of my favourite bloggers. I have a hard time picking out my favourite outfits of hers because pretty much every one is worth a spot on street style post. I've got quite a weakness for deep reds, blues and evergreens at the moment, the autumnal colours. And how cute is that hat??

Source - both Facehunter
It's photos like the one on the left that make me want to get all my hair cut off again. Proper shaved like. Hair-lust aside, not only do I love that massively suffocating scarf that so subtly matches with her trousers (shouldn't be cool, but is), that mustard jumper is yummy too. And this image on the right only makes me think of tucking in my big baggy cardigans with a carefully placed belt.

I tend to get most of my winter knits second hand, because I resent paying fifty quid for a jumper my Nan could knit me, and when quite frankly a lot of the highstreet knits are such poor quality they don't last at all long. No, I'll stick to my second hand shops. xox


  1. this is a great post, really useful! I'm forever lusting over topshop knits, but will definitely be keeping an eye out in the old charity shops now. and a belt over a big cardi, genius! xxxxx

    ramz and the flock

  2. I bought 3 cardigans last year, all got holey as a result of my semi broken washing machine and my semi psychotic cat so maybe charity shops are the way to go!
    I love your hair though, don't shave it!

  3. Love the last 2 outfits! And I'm completely with you on the knitwear front, highstreet's bad quality expensive knits, are no use when you've got charity shops!!

    Shope X

  4. Love these inspirational pictures. Knits can look amazing :) I recently saw a girl in the street who wore a massive chunky-knit vintage jumper as a dress with a vintage tartan belt to nip it in at the waist. Loved it. xx

  5. Love these outfits and definitely agree with the ntoion of second hand knits, they're always in much cooler prints that no one else will have! x

  6. I really love the second photo!

  7. Oh great street style picks, I am loving how all the knits are working their way back into the shops! They all look so snuggly and warm, Im waiting for my student loan to come in and I'll be bagging myself some snuggly knits :P

    L x

  8. I wish I could pull off oversized knots but I look like a flump if I even attempt it!

    Maria xxx

  9. Love the red jumper from the first picture! xxx

  10. Claire you have seriously made my day with this, you saw yourself I've been a bit meh lately so this has completely brightened things up for me! i cant thank you enough hun, xo

  11. AUTUMN! Yes knitwear! It really is my favourite time of year, hot drinks, coffee shops with friends big knits. Heaven.

    Know the feeling about not making much effort with outfits, but Im moving in 3 days so I have an excuse

  12. I adore really chunky knits, Ive been browsing charity shops to find some but ive only picked up one. The prices on the high street are just ridiculous! But mmmm I do love big knits xxx


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