Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bisous Bijoux

Just a quick post today, it's twenty past ten and I had anticipated being in the library already by now. Whoops. Is anyone else out there in their final year of uni? It's hit me with a bang, understatement. Aaaaanyway. Just enough time to show you all this lovely bracelet which was kindly sent to me by Katie from Bijoux Dolly. (Technically this is the second one I've had my mitts on, as I cleverly managed to lose the first, double whoops.)

Started in her bedroom in 2010, Katie hand makes every single piece of her jewellery so you know a lot of love and care goes into which ever one takes your fancy. I chose the "Holy Trinity" bracelet, I'm into the gothic grungey 90s Craft sort of appeal at the moment, so this fits perfectly. It's so delicate and looking at these photos now I think it would look even better worn with other bracelets, maybe even some sort of leather cuff? (Blogging is so handy for self-critiquing).

If you're anything like me and you prefer one off pieces that have a subtle charm to them, and equally aren't going to break the bank, then have a lookie. If you do spy anything you like, Bijoux Dolly is offering a delectable 20% off for you lot - just enter "JAZZPAD" in the discount box at checkout.

Thankyou Katie! xox

[Oooh! Before I forget, the review I took part in for Most Wanted Seasonal Staples is live, so if you fancy seeing how other bloggers got on, click here to read the article.]


  1. Oooo, I love that bracelet. Gothic jewellery is the best. Can't wait to check out the website.
    Good luck with the final year of Uni!!

  2. What a gorgeous bracelet. I, too, am loving the 90s grunge thing at the moment so I'm loving this. Might have to utilise that 20% off... xx

  3. I love this bracelet! I'm into that gothic grungey 90s appeal at the moment too (even if it's Spring where I live and I don't think these two things go on together).


  4. love this, it seems to sit really nicely :D


  5. Ohhhhhh, I just saw the photo of a jumping little fox on a side and I can say just by that your blog will be great to read. I LOVE foxes! :) X


  6. I love The Craft, used to watch it all the time!
    This bracelet is fab, would look fab paied with some velvet xx

  7. Oh, it's so wonderful!
    I'll be sure to have a looky,

    Rosie x

  8. what a great bracelet :-)

    you have a really cute blog! waiting for you also visiting mine and maybe like to follow each other?
    I am a new reader ;-)


  9. Oh this bracelet is gorgeous!! Good luck with all the uni stuff love, I remember third year hitting me pretty hard too

    L x

  10. Fellow final year uni student here! Just the word dissertation leaves me feeling stressed, and yet not stressed enough to do anything about it. Too lazy for my own good.
    Lovely bracelet :)

  11. The bracelet looks nice - I've also lost a few bracelets in my time, so I know what that feels like. I lost my charm bracelet I had had for ten years! It was awful. Luckily you got your hands on a replacement! :)

  12. You have a very cool blog! I like this post as well :)


  13. sickkk. little crosses! a nice change from all the gigantic cross jewellery, which is still nice, but these dainty ones are pretty!

  14. Ah, i'm also finishing my last year of uni and i'm kinda guttered. I don't want it to end. All the privileges and study options. Oh well. Have to get into adoulthood i guess. I love the bracelet. Very nice.

  15. That's a lovely bracelet, I'll have a look at the site now! x


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