Friday, 9 December 2011


NB: Before you read, you should know this is more of a music review than a style review. Got a lot of love for Flo' which can't be constrained to just one post...

I've genuinely had a few people ask me why I haven't talked about Ceremonials just yet, just shows how much that woman is quite frankly adored on this blog! It's been out for a couple of weeks now and in all honesty I've not mentioned it much yet because I've been busy absorbing it. I was incredibly wary about her new stuff since I am a Welch Veteran, back in the Donkey Kosh days when she had *shock horror* brown hair and used to cover Girls Aloud singles. When she crowd surfed anywhere and everywhere and was basically the posh art school girl I never quite managed to be. Now look at her, she's a WOMAN.

Style-wise, this transition has grown on me. I won't defend the girl blindly, I've been to see her 5 times and the last couple were pretty poor because I genuinely believe she was on the road to a burn out. Her voice was tired and I was the mother hen warming her virtual chicken soup until she felt refreshed to come out again. And don't get me started on the arena tour. Whether she's "big enough" for that, and indeed does she really need that sort of national adoration to validate her talent, is debatable. She was discovered in a frigging toilet ffs. And I'd much rather see her dancing on a loo seat than in some radio sponsored ice rink. Yes I have got tickets said very quietly.

Controversy and debate aside - because like her or not, EVERYONE has an opinion of her - ultimately this album was a grower for me, and now I'm loving it. It's mature, it has more singing, it's more.. cohesive and fluid and has a definitive voice to it. It talks of despair and drowning and pain and betrayal and it's a lot darker than the Kiss With A Fist days. I guess it has been speaking to me. Even the tracks I wasn't sure about, the once dubbed "Eastenders theme tune" Breaking Down Again I am warming too.

I've always been a fan of her Bsides and demo-y stuff and maybe that's why I actually like the second disc more than the first. And if you've only got the one disc edition you HAVE to download the extra tracks. They're less single-y, but more experimental and I get the impression that maybe they're the tracks that Flo and her band wanted to put out into the world more than the 1st disc single-heavy edition. Maybe that's because I like to imagine I know them all, that they're all my dear, close personal friends. Disc two feels like heart throbs. I've just written that last part and have no idea what I meant by it, but believe it implicitly.

Top tracks - No Light, No Light; Remain Nameless.

And now some more gratuitous Welch. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. xox


  1. I wasn't sure on the album when I first listened, but you're right, it is a grower. I can't get enough of it now, All This And Heaven Too has to be my favourite. I'm warming to the new style, it's a lot more grown up than the previous album but I think it suits her.
    Fab review lovely :) Hope you are well!

  2. When I saw she had another album I was a bit apprehensive to give it a listen, I thought it would just be the same as the other one, but her VOICE! It's amazing!! Have you heard Bat for Lashes? Check out the song Horse and I, she is of equal but more indie(?) amazingness!

  3. Definitely putting Ceremonials on my Christmas list, still need to see her live :( xo

  4. I need to get the album- job for tonight :) x

  5. I was a huge fan of Lungs but unfortunately I'm not a big fan of Ceremonials.
    No Light, No Light and Heartlines are wonderful though.

    Lucy xxx

  6. Florence makes AMAZING music. AMAZING.

    I must take a listen at her new music!

    <3 Vega

  7. I love the new album! I've been listening to it non stop since it leaked (I did buy it too..)
    Which gigs are you going to? I'm going to Birmingham and the first London one (think it's the 8th?) x

  8. Love this post :)
    I watched her from the side of the stage in Reading fest with her mates Mairead and Tabatha and she was swirling around in a green sari. Utterly bonkers, I loved it. This was in about 2008, I had no idea who she was and her mates were dragging people in to the small tent to watch her. She was back two years later playing to a packed NME tent.
    I wanted to see her play with The Horrors but the Cardiff show is sold out. Would be nice to see her 4 years later.

  9. ahh i love florence. i always will no matter what i think! cant believe youve seen her 5 times. i guess you've had the opportunity more over there. she's coming back to aus soon so ill go see her again! i literally cried when i saw her for the first time. and i love the new album.

  10. I love her too- her music is so emotive, and great style!! But then again, she has all the designers dying to dress her...

    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  11. great review!
    Same the album had to grow on me. Fav track 'Seven Devils'
    you heard her cover of Drake's 'Take Care'?

    J x

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