Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Swapping & Selling

Happy Wednesday everyone! Half way through the working week and if I'm honest I feel like 4 weeks have been squished into one. Any of you with dreams of becoming an events organiser (all will become clear on Sunday) or something similar, I do not envy you haha!

Aaaanyway, there a few things that need a mention on the ol' blog aside from my personal life rambles. Which I know you come here specifically to read, it's alright. First of all, you should have a nosy at my eBay account as I've literally just listed a few woolly, duffle-ly and/or Christmassy delights, with all bids starting at a mere 99p. Here's a sneaky peak.

Click here to have a nosey. Go on. You know you want to.

Finally, for all you Sheffield folk, the last thing to mention is that this Friday (9th December) there is a Clothes Swap event at the Harley in aid of Sheffield Light! You might remember if you've been following my blog for some time, I covered the event last year which was a great success and a lot of fun to have a meander around. If you've got a free afternoon, some spare clothes you don't want anymore, and a lust for some new ones, what's stopping you? Tickets are £4 on the door, all clothes should be delivered before the event and it'll be on between 1-6pm, so plenty of time for you to have a rummage and pick up a bargain, all in the name of charity. More details can be found here, and as I said I went last year and won a three course meal for three, all by moving maltesers from one bowl to another using only a straw. Us northerners know how to have a good time! xox


  1. Ooh, I missed my WI's swishing event so this would be a good alternative! :)

    And I have Friday off, hoorah! :)

    Are you going?

    Clare x

  2. I really want to organise my own event like that. I have so many clothes that are too big for me now but I only wore them a few times. I should do it for Stonewall... got me thinking now! xx

  3. oh i love the red cardigan - very christmassy!! xx

  4. hope it goes well, i remember the one from last time

  5. The cardigan so cute! I have to go and take a look right after this :)


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