Thursday, 29 December 2011

White Christmas : DELADA

So we are drawing to the end of 2011, and I can't be the only one hankering after a few inches of snow, surely? In substitute of the white stuff, what a better way to prolong the wintry feeling with these beautiful frocks.

Madonna Lilly

Royal Lilly Top & Cactus Blossom Skirt

Royal Lilly Dress

Out of the whole SS12 Collection I had to pick these as key favourites, not just because of the simple yet striking colour (how un-wedding dress like can you get?) but because of the cuts too. They're structured, unexpected in their asymmetrical design, and beautifully crafted, almost like a work of art. Which is uncanny really when I learnt that the designer Lada Komarova had been directly inspired by the Surrealist movement, and Dali paintings in particular. Perhaps the influence is less obvious from these particular white pieces, but the brighter patterns in the collection (see here and here) are certainly reminiscent of Dali's style. I'm a massive art geek, so the fusion of fashion and artistic influence is really appealing to me. To be honest, any collection inspired by art, music, or indeed even a location (I remember loving the map dresses at the RGS over a year ago) tends to attract my attention - external inspiration makes a collection more personal, more complex and more exciting.

If I were to ever own a Delada gown (a girl can dream) I would be tempted to layer it even more so - but not drown the dresses for fear of covering them up. The geometric cut outs, particularly the snowflake-esque side detail on the Madonna Lily dress, would be a match made in heaven with a hint of lace. Teamed with chunky heels to offset the subtly and grace of the dresses, I'd feel like the most glamourous Ice Queen in all of the land. What do you think guys? xox


  1. That royal lily dress is divine. I think being an ice queen would be so glamorous- even just once.

  2. Wow, I would be to scared to wear one of these. I am so clumsy I would get make up or my drink on it straight away!

  3. I love the Royal Lilly dress-it's beautiful! X

  4. I don't know if these are supposed to be wedding dresses, but I want to wear one as a wedding dress if I get married!

  5. I'm a huge fan of Delada. I got to see the collections up close and they really are stunning.

  6. No! No snow! The first dress is lovely though. Have a great NYE. X

  7. Beautiful dresses!!

    Happy New Year!!

  8. wow the back of the bottom one is serisouly impressiveee xx


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