Saturday, 21 January 2012

How would you wear them?

Right guys. I need your help. I bought these beauties just before Christmas, reduced on ASOS to a mere £8! There wasn't much of a question. Problem is, they're so outrageous, I can't for the life of me decide what to wear them with. Some of my friends think I should just wear them all the time, with anything, but they're almost too pretty to throw on. As if the rest of the outfit should be simple enough to give these the spotlight. Maybe grunge them up a bit with a simple grey tshirt dress?

What do you think guys?
It's a style SOS and I could seriously do with your suggestion! xox


  1. Yes, leggings and a dress - go glitter grunge!

  2. I think they would look really nice with a simple black outfit :)
    They deserve the spotlight they're amazing!!!!

  3. I think because they're like a 'statement' piece it would be wise to wear simple detail clothing and minimal tones, because that way the shoes will really stand out! I reckon a pair of high waisted black jeans would look ace with them, or even leggings!

    I found some images too of how others have worn there glitter shoes. All look seriously cool, love the one with the simple dress!

    Those shoes look great anyways, I'm sure you'll dig out something that matches with them perfectly!

  4. I agree with Carys! One simple black outfit....let them shine!!

    8 GBP...what a bargain!!!!!!!

  5. These are awesome, and only £8? Bargain! :D I have some sparkly silver loafers from Topshop and don't know what to wear with them either. I would definitely wear them with black bottoms, whether they're tights/jeans/leggings. I think the stye of shoe is pretty versatile so you could mix your top half up a bit. I can imagine wearing these for a grungy outfit, with shorts and a loose fitting top :)

  6. I can't believe they were only £8!! I love them!

    I think I'd play on the brogue-looking-ness of the shoes and go a bit preppy maybe? with ankle socks and a skater dress/skirt?

    Rosie x

  7. Oooh very lovely! I agree with Carys Emily - I think they would look great with a black outfit! xx

  8. awe-sum shoes!

    well when i am on the fence about buying something, i try to think of at least 5 different combinations of wearing the item. if i can't, i don't buy it... or i do because i have a problem ;P

    1. going on your style on your blog, you like a good laid back outfit so leggings black/nude with oversized button up shirt
    2. leggings again but black with a good tee and leather jacket
    3. a cool sheer black maxi skirt with a simple top
    4. slouchy jumper with black or dark jeans
    5. shorts sheer tights and sheer blouse for a night out!

    there you have it, 5 combos along with all the other great suggestions... i hope i've helped a tiny bit :)


  9. I'm thinking highwasted jeans and a slouchy cropped jumper. Go 90s with those bad boys!


  10. those are amazing! i'm thinking a simple lbd with black tights so those beauties steal all the limelight! ox

  11. I'm pretty sure these would look AWESOME with an all black outfit or with black pants/leggings and a purple top or dress. I have to agree with your friends; wear them all the time! haha :)

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  12. I would wear them with a matching glittery blouse, in the same blue-ish hue.. and simple black trousers. And a metallic clutch - go big or go home! ;)

  13. I like the dress idea! I'd probably pair them with black skinny jeans and maybe an oversized tee or a plain blouse x

  14. Wow, what a bargain! I think you should wear it with black skinny jeans and a long black sleeveless blouse that buttons right up xx

  15. I think you should send them right over here and lemme style them up for you :p What sz are they?
    I think they can be worn dressy or not so. I'd pair them with a muted tone sundress during the day and something bright red at night :p

  16. this is really weird bu I imagined pairing this with a grey/plain dress before you mentioned it! Definitely go grunge. Or wear a bright dress and black and white stripy knee high socks if you want to go all out ;)


  17. Yep, it should be something simple. I would probably go for a black and white outfit. Maybe black skinny pants. I don't know, but something simple. They're gorgeous! :)

  18. I love these.
    I'd wear them with a dress layered with a dark denim shirt.

  19. Shoes that amazing deserve to be worn with everything. All the time.

  20. Excuse me whilst I swoon!

    Black velvet anything and slouchy grey sound like the perfect companions!

    Maria xxx

  21. :O £8!!!

    leggings and a button up shirt.


    dress and a biker jacket.

    J x

  22. omg i bought these too !
    and yet havnt worn them
    i feel a little witch like due to the heel

    ill prob go all black with mine - how exciting :)

  23. Ugh, why didn't I see those! I love them, and I haven't seen many like it. Bargain :)


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