Thursday, 12 January 2012

Snippets of January

If it was possible to immortalise a snapshot of my life using Instagram, this would be my January so far. I've not long discovered this app (yes I know, late onto the bandwagon like most other things these days) and I'm properly addicted. Let me know if you're on there and I'll gladly follow you for more faux-vintage photography.

  1. My best sale find which I haven't actually blogged about yet (to come) was unexpectedly from New Look in Lincoln. 
  2. Last weekend I went up to Newcastle to celebrate our friend Sean's 21st. And no party is a party without the correct party attire, am I right?
  3. My converses are, and forever will be, my favourite shoes in my wardrobe.
  4. Shame may well have lots of bare bottom shots of Michael Fassbender, and I'm not going to deny that that is a strong attraction, but if nothing else I haven't been to the Showroom cinema in months and I'm dying to see a decent film after I was subjected to New Year's Eve last week.
  5. Spotted this absolutely beautiful vintage chest of drawers in a shop in Sheffield this week. Though it was hugely out of budget, I had to take a moment to admire it all the same.
  6. Another new year resolution is to cut down on my caffeine intake! 
  7. I'm STILL getting through post-Christmas leftover chocolates. It's definitely all about the strawberry and orange creams.
  8. Sunset over Lincoln. It's a place very dear to me since I spent a lot of my childhood here and it's a beautiful city.

What have you been photographing lately? This really does remind me to buy some more film for my Colorsplash lomo camera... it has been very much forgotten of late, but film is so expensive! xox


  1. Great post, can't wait 'til I get an iPhone so that I can get on Instagram too. Am curious as to what your New Look find in picture 1 it a coat? Either way it looks gorgeous! x

  2. haha new years eve!! was it really bad? that coat?? looks amazing, cant wait for the post. xo

  3. Am all about that chest of drawers you spotted - looks perfect! Similarly can't wait until I belated-ly jump on the iphone (hopefullty some time this week..)Hope you're having a good anuary thus far,

    Rosie x

  4. Oooh Michael Fassbender! YES PLEASE! <3 I adore Carey Mulligan too but I'm not sure if I actually fancy the film? Hmm...
    The leftover xmas choccies in my house are going to be the death of me. Must-stick-to-resolutions. :P xoxox

  5. Shame looks like a really interesting film. Love the vintage drawers! x

  6. Beautiful pics- that chest of drawers is amazing! I wish I had an Phone just for this app.. xx

  7. I really want a pair of black converse even more now! Love your party hats :) xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  8. That chest - oh my wow! In love! It is beautiful.

    Got to love instagram & the ease of fiddling to make pictures just 'so' in regards how 'vintage' you want them to look. x

  9. I need some converse in my lifeeee xx

  10. anything and everything, smart phone cameras do make it really easy to snapping though. can only be a good thing

  11. I do love a strawberry cream mmmm.
    I will try and remember to bing my instax camera to ldn lunch so we can take some fun instant photos :) xx

  12. love the chest of drawers :D

  13. Argh so jealous of picture 1! I've only just started using Instagram too haha - although admittedly I've never had an iPhone to discover it. But now I really want one so I can take more photos on the go, rather than using my iPad at home. My username is aliceboullin :) I'd love to follow you but I couldn't find your un in the post xoxo

  14. It looks like a good start to the year! :) I love the buckle detailing on that coat! I'm still working my way through leftover Christmas chocolate too.. it's not helping with the supposed healthy eating I'm meant to have started! x

  15. Instagram really is addictive isn't it? I am always whipping my iphone out at every opportunity!

  16. Loved all the photos!
    I like your taste!
    I'm following you now (:


  17. I do love this app too! Lovely pictures, I LOVE that chest of drawers!

    L x

  18. Tell me about film / film developing being expensive! I have totally neglected my lomo fisheye! i really love your blog xx


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