Thursday, 8 March 2012

Only if for a night

On Tuesday night I was the second of the bloggerati (Gemma and MJ have been/are also going) to go and see Florence & The Machine, who for anyone who knows barely anything about me will know, IS MY IDOL. I'm utterly in love with her music, her band and obviously her wardrobe. This was my 5th time at a gig of hers and the first time I heard Ceremonials live, so you will imagine I was pretty darn excitabubble.

The set design was clearly Art Deco-inspired, which with her latest image of 20s siren seemed to fit perfectly. In terms of Flo's outfit herself, she kinda reminded me of a cross between a bat (see cape) and an italian bull fighter (see underneath the cape). She's never been afraid to dare to dress experimentally, with her signature red hair a little darker than usual the tone of the gig was decidely more sombre and gothically (?) atmospheric than the earlier shows I'd been to. With a male harpist (much to the appreciation of my friend Andy) and a gospel backing group, her backdrop was spectacular.

 And here is meeee, looking oh so excited and happy just before she came on stage. I'm wearing a vintage floral midi skirt from ASOS marketplace, my well-loved leather gilet and a black satchel from H&M. Understated, yeahh..

Only a quick post for said gig since I've got a whole day of uni today and I'm late I'm late! Tweet me if you were there / wanna hear more / are similarly in love with Flo-ster as I am. This is one subject I am not afraid to babble on about for hours!

And remember, friends, you got the love <3


  1. ooo..i am going saturday!!!!!!! so excited....

  2. Aaaw Claire, your photos are wonderful! I only got one or two grainy ones and gave up. So glad that you enjoyed it.

    I loved the set but a few of my freinds went and were at the back and wished there were screens because they couldn't see.
    I've only ever seen her at festivals so it was nice to see her with a set and costume she had chosen and I always enjoy seeing someone with their hardcore fans.

    Me and my brother were both quite taken with her drummer ;)

    Did you like Spector and The Horrors?


  3. ah i'd love to see her live- can't believe i didn't get tickets for nottingham! lovely photos xx

  4. They're amazing photos! I'm so jealous, I'd absolutely love to see her live xx

  5. The stage looks awesome! As does the lady herself (obviously!) I've seen her twice and she's never disappointed. Always a good show and such an incredible voice! x

  6. Looks like an awesome night and you're looking good hot stuff ;)

  7. I didn't think you were a fan of Florence? ;) xx

  8. So jealous, looks amazing! x

  9. Love the art deco style set. She is amazing



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