Saturday, 28 April 2012


The more I get involved in the blogging world, the more I find myself considering it away from my laptop as a hobby itself. Whether reflections are fuelled by discussions with other bloggers face-to-face, twitter debates, it being brought up in interviews, or even chats with my friends and housemates who don't blog – because my blog has grown, the impact of it on the rest of my life has grown too.

The newly created #fbloggers hashtag yesterday held a discussion about pressures in blogging. Which prompted me to look quite critically at the relationship I have with my blog, what it's done for me, and what I (find myself feeling like I) have to do to keep up with it.

A lot of bloggers were admirably stating that they didn't feel pressured to blog, that it was a hobby and they would only do it when they felt like it. I, on the other hand, will readily admit that having a blog, for me, throws up a wealth of self-imposed pressures! I'm quite an over-thinking person anyway, with ridiculously high expectations of myself, so I've no doubt that's the root of it.

With this in mind, here are my current top 3 blogging pressures that I feel, on a weekly basis.

1. Pressure to post regularly
I'm sure you can relate. “Haven't posted in a week, such a bad blogger.” Life very often gets in the way. I'm at uni, I have a job, I have friends and family who don't blog and who don't really care that I blog. As much as I love it, blogging is only a small part of my life and what I do – so in many ways I know how ridiculous this pressure is, though I still feel it!

2. Pressure to maintain “theme” of blog
Jazzpad started off more like a diary, with posts about film reviews and lomography. Since my blog has grown, it has also become more refined and directed, and whichever came first it can sometimes feel more difficult now to branch away from style & beauty posts for, I don't know, a post soley dedicated to my love of Florence & The Machine. Those other, broader posts certainly get less attention – but is that a reason not to post them? I'd hope not.

3. Pressure to not be too personal, aka. TMI
This isn't just a pressure with my blog, but with my life ha. It's a well-known fact among my friends that I get myself into sticky situations by either talking to people I shouldn't do (always make unusual friends on trains), or telling them too much unnecessary information. Blogging is hugely cathartic but at the risk of sounding like a proper bore, I often have to curb my moaning.

I don't feel pressure to wear new clothes, I don't feel pressure to buy the latest trends, I don't feel pressured to reach X amount of followers by date Y. I would find it tricky to relate to those pressures from other bloggers because I don't care enough about any of that myself. It's not why I started blogging and so I would never want it to become that.

The pressures I feel, collectively, are rooted in my self-critical nature. I find if I let myself nitpick over every detail of what I write, how I dress or what my blog design is, I would never enjoy it. Jazzpad is me, it's my thoughts, my personality and my tastes and if I feel too pressured with it, it almost seems to be less 'mine'. Need to chill the chuff out, basically.

This post was hugely inspired by the #fbloggers chat on Wednesday night, so a lot of credit must go to Laura for setting it all up. If you want to partake in the next twitter chat, click here for details of when the discussions will be. I have a few other topics I might post 'reflections' on, aside from the #fbloggers chat, if this proves to be something that would be interesting to you guys. I suppose, with pressure to appeal, I'll see how this one goes :)

How do you, as a blogger, respond to the idea of blogging pressures? xox


  1. I couldn't agree more with pretty much everything you've said. I often feel the pressure of blogging regularly as my blog grows. I often find myself planning my time around my's like a child! x

  2. I can definitely relate to this. I find pretty much the same pressures of blogging as you do. I often find the posts I think people will have a comment on - I receive no comments and then I start to doubt what I am talking about!

    I always think as long as you are passionate about what you blog about then your posts will be worth reading.

  3. Definitely, youre so right. The other dayI had to tell my friend to meet her an hour later just so i could finish a blog post, she didnt get it atall! haha

  4. I feel the same pressures as you! I find myself getting quite stressed sometimes if I forget to write a post, or I feel bad if I haven't posted for a little while. However I feel happier knowing that I write posts when I want to, and don't force myself to do it :)

  5. I do feel bad when I abandon my blog for a while, but it is or more important things and its not ecause I feel pressured to post - its because I enjoy writing it and talking to other bloggers with similar interests. So it's kind of like I'm ignoring a friend? Does that make sense? Xo

  6. I feel like I can relate to most of what you said! I do sometimes feel guilty for not posting, but since my blog is quite arty it does take a while to put a post together. I try to post when I can, but I don't want it to turn into a chore. It started off as a bit of fun to share my art and I want it to stay that way.

    Thank you so much for posting about #fbloggers, I've always wanted to take part but I could never find who ran it. :)


  7. Oh, I am so annoyed I missed this chat, it sounds so interesting! I remember when I was going through my A Levels I felt obliged to put "sorry I haven't blogged for so long" in every single post, but it's now reached the point where I'm aware I'm not the type to post daily, and I'd hope my readers are okay with this (and how would I have enough to talk about?! My life isn't that interesting!). Mm, recently I've been rather reserved in making my blog personal, although I did do a post about going to Stratford to see a Shakespeare play and I find it amusing that it comparatively got little comments as opposed to generic outfit posts - good job I'm not a "comment counter"!
    I love Jazzpad, of course, so don't compromise your content due to self-instated pressures. And you post about Flo, she'll tell you to shake it out (poor punday) xxx

  8. This definitely sounded like an interesting chat! I have to say I don't get the guilt about not posting.. although sometimes having to do the rounds and comment on lots of blogs can leave me feeling a little blah. But when you start feeling you have to comment etc that's when it's not fun, so I go through phases I think.. xx

  9. I was spying on that hashtag, the conversations were really enlightening.
    I definitely agree with you on Point #2. Though I've tried to stay within the fashion blogging territory, I do feel like I want to talk about something else sometimes. But I try and use my Tumblr for posts like that.
    And I'm also with you on Point #1. I tend to feel really bad if I haven't posted. Not that it's the end of the world, but it's like a niggling thought in the back of my mind and it can get really annoying. But that's just me.
    Great post!

  10. Loved taking part in the #fbloggers chat in the week. I loved your Flo post :) I always anjoy things like that more than just outfits or wish list type things. You can get that from a magazine, I like opinions and when people bring attention to small brands like you do xx

  11. your spot on!
    p.s. wouldn't mind a whole dedicated to Flo, totally obsessed with her too.

    J x

  12. well i think a lot of people will be able to relate to this, you're attitude towards it is breezing and carefree. it wasn't meant to be hard work was it

  13. First of all, I LOVE your blog and you so don't go changing! Secondly I can totally understand the pressures, I think because it's so a fast moving you can get left behind (like me this past few weeks) which makes it difficult!

    Maria xxx


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