Thursday, 26 April 2012

Turn back the clocks, you'll fall asleep in the ocean

I feel like a mole, like I've been stuck inside all week escaping the rain! I wanted to take some photos outside today but once again the heavens forbade me. And look, I'm dressed all in blue - I'm a sartorial forecast.

Navy shirt - Urban Outfitters
Turquoise Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Striped Blue Keds - c/o Keds
Mint polkadot nails - Essie
Cross Bracelet - birthday gift from ASOS

It's getting to the point when I'm going to soon need a new shoe rack! I'm nowhere close to hitting Sherin's 100 mark but my gosh I'm filling my wardrobe pretty swiftly. These are my runaround Spring shoes, and stripes are a common theme in my wardrobe so these will fit in verrrrry nicely. My housemates have both recently bought some Vans which look really similar to these, but my Keds are sleeker, smaller and a bit different. I can't wait until I can keep them in my beach bag and slip them on when I go for cocktails after a long day sunbathing.... Day dreaming of perfection come end of June. Schuh have been full of beautiful things too lately (more on that later).

I've got so many exciting things to blog about over the next couple of weeks! I've been collaborating with some fab brands, both big and small; have a few thoughtful posts planned which I've wanted to write about for quite some time; not to mention I graduate soon and I've already had a few interviews which, without giving too much away, I am really hopeful about. Fingers and toes and everything else that can be crossed, CROSSED. xox


  1. keds are a wise choice, pretty smart. who really wants a pair of sneaks that every tom dick and harrold has anyway.

  2. Oh I love thoughtful pondering posts so I'm looking forward to reading those.

    AND SARTORIAL FORECAST. oh how I chortled


  3. Haha Satorial Forcast should be a thing! Love all the blue hues and the keds, perfect for lounging around in xoxo

  4. Lovely outfit and really liking your mint polka nails :)

  5. Love the polka dot nails!
    Oh I wish I could wear keds... I bought a pair last year and they cut my heels to shreds- heartbreaking!x

  6. Firstly, I think I might need those jeans in my life! Also love the polka dot nails very cute :) x

  7. Those shoes are gorgeous xxx

  8. Such a nice seasidey outfit :) You all match so nicely with your colour palette and little details from your nails xox


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