Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Essie Challenge

I've been wearing it in every outfit shot lately and have had a few questions about my nail varnish brand of choice of late, so I thought I'd I would throw a bit of a spotlight on my new brand of choice. 

I was set a challenge along with the other Modern Girls' Guide writers to put a series of Essie polishes through their paces. I live a pretty hectic lifestyle which sees me travelling backwards and forwards pretty much every weekend, punctuated with working in a coffee shop (must be immaculately turned-out there, no chips allowed!) and hours on end spent in the library at the mercy of endless tapping on keyboards. I guess I'm a pretty good guinea pig for testing products on my extremities! 

So I suppose the first pleasant surprise I had with these polishes is that it lasts for AGES. Seriously, all of them (bar the creamy off-white which needed two) took one coat for a vivid colour, along with the base coat and top coat, and took SIX DAYS before the first chip came off. Which, for me and my lifestyle, is a revelation. 

They're the polish brand of the moment for bloggers lately - I've been seeing lots of you rave about them, so I'm clearly not the only one converted. Essie nail bars have been popping up at events I've been too (a slight reprieve when I turn down a makeover "but I'm already wearing Essie sorry!" *sheepish grin*), but I have been enjoying mixing it up with polkadots and stripes in contrasting colours.

My favourites in any brand are always going to be the brighter ones. Dark colours which aren't a deep glossy black always make my hands look really pasty, and neutral tints aren't really my thing either. That explains why my favourite shade is the vibrant red above and below, in Fifth Avenue. LUSH.
What d'you reckon ladies? Are you Essie fans too? xox

NB: This post is in conjuction with a series of reviews for the Modern Girl's Guide. Check out the other girls' thoughts on the Essie challenge by clicking here!


  1. Ooooo that looks like the perfect red!

  2. Six days is seriously good! I can do that with a Barry M if I apply three coats & two coats of top coat! I love all the colours you picked. XO

  3. Oo love that red! If it seriously doesn't chip for 6 days I need to get me some, my nails are hopeless for it!

  4. how lovely!
    im looking for the second colour, the red-orange one, really a go to for this season!

  5. I have never tried any |Essie polishes but I think I'm going to have to, these colours are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  6. Six daysssss, oh my, I may need to purchase some of this, I always chip mine so quickly!

  7. Ooh I NEED some Essie polish! But what colour...? xx

  8. Well now I'm even more convinced that I need Essie polishes in my life! x


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