Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fashion for Home

With a mere few weeks left before my last exam, my time at university is coming to a close, which, like many other graduates, means moving home. So Mission Summer 2012 is to redecorate my bedroom to reflect the mature, intellectual, promising graduate I am. Ahem.

Unfortunately for my purse, "updating my room" has somehow morphed into a plan to completely overhaul of everything I own. That includes a desire to change the shape of my room (unlikely), getting rid of / storing away a helluva lot of old stuff (time-consuming), and replacing my tired, donkeys-old furniture with more contemporary, grown-up pieces (doable). If I wasn't primarily a style blogger I'd definitely ramble on more about home decor and interior design; to me the way to keep your home is an extension of your personality. Not to say a messy room necessarily means a disorganised mind, but I feel like when my "base" is somewhere I can feel proud of, I'll be more likely to wake up with a spring in my step, and motivated to attack the day.

Consequently, my main form of procrastination of late has been browsing home interior blogs, pinterest boards and furniture retailers. I soon came across Fashion for Home, and though it is FAR too early to be thinking about equipping myself with furniture without so much as a new lick of paint on the walls, it has given me so much inspiration and I have pretty much wish-listed the entire site.

I love the faded, rustic, or geometric quality to the woodwork - so much more interesting than the old-fashioned, varnished oak cabinets I currently have. It has given me so many ideas for clever storage solutions  - I'm definitely going to get experimental with asymmetrical shelving - and statement lighting (that chandelier <3). Not to mention I am bookmarking those sofa beds until I get my own place. I've wanted a grey marl, minimalist sofa for as long as I can remember, to accessorize with bright, contrasting cushions.

I'm going to be blogging more about my ideas and progressions as I decorate, because although it isn't a whole house, my room is all I have for the immediate future, and making it feel like "home" again means so much to me. First stop is B&Q and Laura Ashley to peruse their wallpaper collection (I'm thinking cream base with floral red pattern) so if you have any tips on where to shop do let me know! xox


  1. I would love to have the money to be able to do something like the rooms you've picked out. Love it all! Wishful thinking :(

    Good luck in your mission though! It can be cheap to update with a lick of paint or some vintage furniture from an auction/charity shop.x

  2. The image with the books all over the wall is so cool - I'd love to fill a room with books when I get my own house & have a mini library!
    The sofa bed looks so comfy - the bright accessories are a good idea! Xo

  3. I picked up a lot of my furniture from charity shops and painted it. Wood paint is pricy though so you don't always end up with a bargain item at the end. I'de like to think my room is grown up but all I've done since graduating and coming back home is ditch the fairy lights and chosen more subtle colours. Good luck with all your plans!

  4. Such great inspiration pics! I'd also recommend checking out charity shops and even the neighbouring streets for things, I found a mirror outside someone's house! Ikea is always good of course for cheap odds and ends. x

  5. I think I just need a house. Right now. Right this minute. I love all the inspiration you've chosen! I always flick through home magazines when I get the chance to dream about my future home. Unfortunately, at uni I have the teeny tiniest box room and it's littered with all my books and files rather than anything remotely pretty. But one day...! xx

  6. I think I spend all of my time planning what my future home is going to look like. If I wasn't so poor I'd probably have bought everything already and have it in storage for when I move out! I know it sounds cliche, but Ikea really do have some wonderful shelving and storage.
    I want my house to be like the Ikea show rooms <3

  7. I love the room with the wall of photo frames... I'm moving flats in a month or so and if I had my own way I'd definitely do something like that (not sure the landlord would appreciate me putting hundreds of holes in the wall though...)
    Kaz x

  8. I love browsing for home stuff, it's definitely my favourite past time!

    Maria xxx

  9. I can't wait until I finally get to move in with my boyfriend; I'm looking forward to using it as a fresh start to try and declutter! However, knowing me, it will probably fill up with crap in no time!

  10. I am also on the hunt for home stuff right now and found lots of lovely bits and bobs from simple shops like BHS. Yep, that really surprised me but they have pretty cheap bedding which has lots of lovely patchwork, flowers etc etc which made me super happy! Good luck with it all xox


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