Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A New Shop

Last week I made a very last minute decision to go and help out my old housemates GemmaKezia on a uni project at one of the newest second hand & vintage shops in Sheffield. They're final year journalism students and although I can't precisely remember what the project was about, the basic premise was to explore affordable second-hand fashion in Sheffield, and see if we could conjure up an outfit for under £30. Any activity with the words vintage + Sheffield + dress-up makes my ears prick up anyway.

The truthfully entitled "A New Shop" is about half way up Division Street in Sheffield, the road I pretty much spend my life on. It's very conspicuous with its window displays adorned with old furniture and LP covers, over which drapes pile after pile after pile of second hand clothes. Yes please. 

I do love a good rummage around but I draw the line at disorganised, smelly mess. I'm just not cut out for a wholesaler - there, I said it. Luckily for me, A New Shop is perfectly laid out with Docs at the front, jewellery to the side, shirts and knitwear to the right and reworked stuff at the back of the shop. Pretty much everything is within my measley student budget (hello ten pound shirts), which makes it all the more fun when you find some gems.

This was my creation under budget (minus the shoes); the top was a tenner and the maxi skirt was £20. I was adamant I'd go down the floral skirt route since I think you tend to find the most interesting and unique prints second hand, and this one proves my point entirely. 

I love the shopping haunts in Sheffield and I always stress that the city is so underrated for vintage, second-hand or boutique shops. Even last night at the launch of the 601 Boutique (more on that in the week), the first two conversations I had were with guys from Barnsley and Rotherham who refused to shop in Sheffield, and would go all the way to Leeds or Manchester instead. Not necessary! All it takes is a little imagination and the confidence to explore, that's how I've found some of my favourite, smaller places and consequently so much of my wardrobe has originated from my favourite city.


  1. love the skirt that you found :) i'm heading to sheffield soon to visit family. hopefully i get the chance to pay this shop a visit! x

  2. your outfit is so cute! Love the printed skirt. I'v only been to Sheffield once and i loved it :( will have to return soon!xx

  3. Ooh, I love the skirt! The pattern is so pretty, and the length suits you so well!
    Looks like an amazing shop, so much to choose from!
    Hope your friends project goes well!
    Love Charlie xo.

  4. What a great shop, love the skirt you picked out too x

  5. Oh what a fab outfit - I quite like charity and vintage shops because of the unknown element - you could literally find anything! Love this skirt.

  6. That shop looks great, I want to go rummage!

    Karys x

  7. would love to rummage around this shop.
    the skirt you picked out is fab.

    J x

  8. This shop is like my dream second hand store, I hate vintage stores that are just disorganised messes and this looks so amazing-ly organised. I love it! Clearly I need to head up to Sheffield to shop :) xoxo

  9. i've never been to shefs dude, closest i've been is leeds. i don't know leeds that well but i got bored after a few hours. you're selling sheffield though, for sure

  10. Love the print on the skirt!

  11. What a cute outfit and second hand store!

    I only wish our stores were just as nice.


  12. I need to go to this shop, looks amazing - vintage/second hand paradise :)

    Mimi x


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