Monday, 11 June 2012

Catch the silver sunlight in your hands

Featuring independent jewellery brand Delilah Dust has been a long time coming on my blog! It's a regular theme to showcase indie designers and online retailers; as well as showing off the bigger brands I love discovering smaller names and unique designs. Smaller brands have to work harder to showcase their wares, and the attention they receive is SO well deserved. None more so than the gorgeous collection created by Antonia. She kindly posted me out a necklace to review and it is definitely one of the most wearable items I have been sent before. I picked one of the tube necklaces which are small enough to be indiscreet but unusual enough to be noticed I think. 

A big thankyou to Antonia for the gift, and as a gift to you guys, Delilah Dust is offering a cheeky 10% discount to Jazzpad readers on their shop! Just enter "bloggers10" at the checkout to claim yours.

I have so many exciting things to blog about this week! This is, incidentally, the first of a few reviews from smaller stores coming up over the next few days, as well as reviewing some beautiful lingerie from the Panache press day, an exciting style challenge I took part in, and the announcement of a blog-related project I have been mulling over for a while! eek!

If you sell, or make jewellery or accessories and would like to be featured on Jazzpad, do get in touch! I regularly showcase smaller designers and am currently developing an advertising page - so if either a feature, giveaway or regular promotion is your thing, drop me a tweet! x


  1. Oh such a sweet necklace, and you're right indie designers have to work so very much harder, I hope it pays off for them. I've seen some really great work from people.

    Will have a good butchers at Delilah Dust.. such a pretty name!

    Oh and I know, Twitter is incredibly addictive, I'm just so nosey! :P

  2. That necklace is so cute! xxx

  3. I love jewellery!! I'm such a fan of discovering new jewellery brands, so thanks for the introduction. Looks like they have some cool products. Off to check them out now.

  4. I love those delicate necklaces, I'll deinfately check out their store, I love independant designers and find their designs really unique and delicate!

  5. What a cute necklace, I love wearing things that are a bit unusual!
    I'll have to give their website a once over :)


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