Thursday, 14 June 2012

Panache Press Day AW12

A week last Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Panache HQ just outside of Sheffield to check out their AW12 collection and even a sneaky peak of their SS13 range! It's so refreshing to see both blogger events and fashion house headquarters located anywhere north of the M25. Panache is a household name for many women, but for me, a faithful M&S and La Senza girl, it was a brand I was fairly unfamiliar with in the flesh, so to speak.

They broadly cater D-G cups throughout 4 ranges of lingerie which is great to see – far too many high street stock only smaller sizes which makes it tricky for the enviably volumptuous women amongst us. I have several friends who cry to me about their exasperation trying to find fabulous bras to fit their small frames and large busts, without wanting to feel completely swamped by industrial underwiring.

My favourite range from the Panache selection was the Masquerade range, which offers a touch of exotic glamour combined with comfort and fit, which throughout the press day the team at Panache emphasised was their biggest goal. My two particular fabulous favourites were the Delphi and the Persia, which oozed sex appeal as well as being supportive, comfortable, and not erring into the tacky aesthetic that some “sexy” lingerie can inadvertantly become.

Perhaps the most memorable moment at the press day was being brave enough to get measured! (TMI  alert...) I'm well-known for turning bright red at the slightest hint of embarrassment, so you can imagine how nerve-wracking having three ladies in the changing room with me was! All the same, I opted to go first, and was gobsmacked to hear that I was infact, in the Panache range, 30E, rather than the 34D/DD I am elsewhere. Such a difference shocked me – since I am well aware of the negative health implications wearing a wrong bra size can bring. As I'm sure you all are too, ladies! However, I suppose it's like with clothes shopping, a 10 in one shop will be another store's 14, so I would say bra sizing would vary brand to brand.

Here are some more snaps of the sewing room, where every sample is made, and the press day in all of it's glory.  

All photos my own, except the two press images courtesy of Panache

What do you think, ladies? Are you already fans of Panache or is this brand new to you?
Claire x


  1. i'd heard of panache before but i didn't really know much about them until now. i've always struggled buying bras. i find that bras which look lovely in an A or B cup just look awful by the time they reach my size. i usually end up opting for plain one-colour bras which don't look ugly in large sizes but now i've read this i'm definitely going to check out panache! i love the look of that orange set in your photos. great post :) thanks for writing x

  2. ooh great to discover another brand that might go up to my size. I love Boux Avenue and Leia and get fitted whenever I buy a new bra or ask the assitatn t double check that I'm wearing the right one. My bras cost about £30 so I want to be sure it will fit properly!


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