Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Style Compare Style Challenge : Metallics

On Monday I mentioned I had a few exciting things in the pipeline with my blog, and the first of which is this style challenge post which I have been itching to write about. It's always the case with these hush-hush projects that I want to shout about them but can't until a certain date haha!

All the same, a month or so ago I was asked by Style Compare to take part in a style challenge featuring the theme "Metallics"! They'd seen some outfit shots I'd done in the past, namely THOSE gold shoes, and thought I'd fit the bill, and so here is my interpretation of the theme. You'll have to excuse the sickeningly summery ensemble - these snaps were taken at the height of our heatwave a few weeks ago.

Silver metallic dress - Topshop via Style Compare
Pastel blue sleeveless shirt - Ark
Metallic blue shoes - ASOS

Even though the dress itself was the item to be styled around, I couldn't help but go for a glittery double whammy and bring out the alter-ego Dorothy shoes that have been sitting in my wardrobe since forever. I hope you like my interpretation of the "metallics" trend, granted it isn't formulaic and I could pass off for a five-year-old, but ten points for personality, right?

It would warm my cockles if you could spare the time to check out my entry in full along with the other style bloggers (who have also done an enviably good job!) by clicking here, and of course if you feel so inclined a vote would be lovely too! The winner gets a hefty prize for their readers too, so you never know, the odds could be well in your favour! 

Thankyou to Style Compare for asking me to be a part of this style challenge, and once again click here to see all four bloggers interpreting the "metallic trend" in our own way!
Claire x


  1. Gorgeous!! I voted for you, I personally think your outfit was the best out of the four!

  2. I saw that dress in Topshop yesterday, love how you've styled it! and those shoes, amazing :p xx

  3. gorgeous claire, very creative outfit

  4. Great outfit - love the metalics & that shirt! xxx

  5. Voted for you!
    Love those shoes =)

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  7. oh i love your outfit. your dress is so cute and i love how you've styled it over the shirt. always a good look :) i've voted for you. really hope you win :) x

  8. Such a cute outfit and I love how you've styled it, those shoes are amazing! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

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  10. Oh my god those shoes are amazing!! Xo

  11. aw i love this, you have styled metallic's so well :) just voted!! Your shoes are amazing!!! xxx

  12. just voted for you, lady! i love your outfit!

  13. The blog looks ALL NEW AND STUFF! love it :) voted for you of course :) xx

  14. I'm always a little wary of metallics but I think you've pulled it off marvellously! Love the little metal tips on the shirt and your shoes are just amazing. I voted! xoxo

  15. you really went to town on the old metallics then, it doesn't seem to much though. it worked out pretty well i'll swing you a vote

  16. Very you and blimmin gorgeous, those shoes make me smile!

    Maria xxx

  17. i absolutely love your outfit! this style compare challenge was really good, i found it so hard to choose who to vote for. i do really like your idea of wearing a shirt under a strappy dress though, i'll deffo be stealing that style for my own wardrobe xx


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