Sunday, 22 July 2012

Wellington Boots - A British Summer Staple

When I was on placement last week I was working with the beloved Meadowhall Shopping Centre, which simultaneously taught me loads about Fashion & Retail PR, as well as contributing towards some pretty hefty wishlists. (Damn you pinterest.) As a result, I happen to know that, unsurprisingly, everyone has been stocking up on wellies over the past three months – that exact time when we’re supposed to be gloriously open-toed and basking in the British summer sun. Sadly not. Whether I like it or not, I’m going to have to be prepared for a very soggy camping trip at the end of the weeknext week with ma gurlz. So if it’s an excuse to do rainy-wear properly (I’m NOT going to call it “wet wear”), my advice would be – stick to the well-known, sturdy brands. Aside from wellies, I’m looking at you, Barbour.

Clockwise, from top left - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

In true fashion blogger spirit, I have made a pretty style montage done some very conclusive research, and I reckon WBs* can be cool.

I’m quite an expert on WBs – growing up in the countryside I always have a pair to hand, and I know a good WB when I see one. None of this get-them-off-the-market-rubbish. Those green imitators might look like Hunters, but I can promise you a few puddles later you’ll have very holey toes. Here are my picks of the best rainproof ones around.

Even if you’re not heading to a festival this summer, it’s always good to have them on hand, right? And don’t forget the age-old advice to buy in a size up! That way, when you’re cold, and wet, you can stick on an extra three pairs of socks and still feel quite roomy.

And oh hai to my new followers! You seem to have sneakily crept up on me. Back on the blogging wagon more frequently I promise. And you never know, you might be lucky enough to see some pictures of my face later this week.

* wellington boots, fyi

Claire x


  1. I could live in my Hunter wellies! Have had them for years and they are still as good as new! Now lusting after a Barbour, just need some pennies!

  2. Love those black ones with buckles on, would love a pair of navy or green hunters though.
    My friend goes horse riding and she said boots with a brown band on the top are more male boots, I never knew that!

  3. Oh I love wellies.. every british woman needs a pair :)

    Jo. x

  4. After god knows how many pairs of cheap and cheerful patterned wellies and way too many incidents with holes/splits at muddy festivals i finally caved and bought some hunters last winter. Best decision ever- they're so comfy and I'm enjoying not having to worry about when my feet will be having a mud bath!
    Kaz x

  5. I love my hunters a little too much, going to a festival this weekend and was secretly hoping it rained all week so that it was acceptable to wear my wellies but was then sunny on the weekend- however it looks as though it's going to be the other way round. booo. so excited though!! Have fun on your camping trip xx

  6. I have to hang my head in shame here and say I bought my wellies on my local high street for about £10.. I don't think I can afford Hunters! xx

  7. I so wish I could afford hunter wellies! Definitely a festival investment.


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