Monday, 9 July 2012

What makes a perfect Press Day?

Are you a blogger? Journalist? In PR? 

I am on a quest to find out the formula for holding the perfect Press Day. You know the sort – the hype before you attend, the excitement on your way, and ultimately a spectacular day which sticks in your memory and you share with others aftert everyone has gone home. From what I have seen, the most important goal is arguably the aim to make enough of an impact to ensure that the brand or event is written about positively, en masse.

As a blogger I have over the past year been to various press events across the country. They have ranged from full day collection previews from internationally recognised brands open to all press, to smaller, cosier, events with local, independent brands specifically tailored to bloggers and social media. I know what has made me pleased I took a day off work to attend, unpaid and voluntary. I'm now more interested in what YOU think.

What, in your opinion, creates that buzz? That success? That brilliant day you are still tweeting about fondly to your followers days later? Is it the organisation? The freebies? I don't want to put too many words in your mouth but think back to events you have been to and what you remember thinking “good idea”.

What was your most favourite event you have ever been to? Conversely, have you ever been to press days where you wish you hadn't bothered? Your personal experiences would be really handy for me to pull my research together. And of course, you can be as explicit or as discreet as possible. We don't want anyone being offended by criticism that there weren't enough cupcakes on offer to feed you all.

And of course, you don't have to be a blogger to contribute! Do you work in PR and have an opinion from seeing it from the inside? Any comments or experiences you could share with me would be utterly fabulous. This research constitutes a part of my current internship, so the more opinion I can gauge, the better.
Feel free to leave me huge long comments below, though of course if you'd prefer to send me a longer, or perhaps a private message describing your experiences, just drop me an email!
Thankyou so much – more normal posts to come in the week, promise!  

Claire x

If so, and you have been lucky enough to attend press days, read on – this concerns you!


  1. I think the most important thing is, for me, like any event - who's there! You can lay on the best event in the world, but if you don't have anyone to chat to, or perhaps at leats one person you know, it can be really awkward and just isn't as much fun.

    In terms of other things, I'd say free drinks and nibbles, something to take away, and an innovative way of showing off products! Also, having an easy to find venue is vital too :)

  2. hmmm I think it's nicer to go if you already know someone or you are just standing alone. That's not a problem if you are like me and can talk someone into a coma.
    I think information about the products to take home with you is useful so you can blog about it later.
    Easy to find locations are key for those who don't know places like London very well. I also think it is nice to have events in the North or in Wales etc not everyone lives in London.

  3. i haven't really been to loads, being stuck up north restricts my accessibility to events. so i would say for all the brands that are based up north, it would be nice if they actually held things up here. they need to reach out to the rest. the ones I have been to have mostly been private appointments where they will show me around alone. this is nice but i'd really like to interact with other bloggers more.

  4. Press days tend to depend upon who is there really! It creates more of an atmosphere if lots of people are there rather than ten awkward people standing around :).

  5. Aussie ALWAYS have amazing events and the fact that thye remember your name etc and get to know you really makes you feel welcome! Nice food is good too but that's a real bonus, haha!

    Maria xxx

  6. For me a perfect press day is when the PR's take the time to introduce themselves and get to know you a little & find out more about your blog and the sort of things you're interested in seeing, and then if they've got a minute to talk you through some of the key pieces and inspirations behind the collections... makes such a difference than just wandering around on your own trying to work out what's what!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

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