Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What's in my bag?

Hi guys! Just a wee post today as I'm ridiculously busy preparing for next week. I start a placement at Sheffield-based PR agency Make Things Happen and I already have some work to be getting on with (more on that later in the week). I am so excited!

Since I have been here, there, and in true Claire-style, everywhere, of late, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to blog about my essentials, out and about every day.

So, as my holdall, lately I've been favouring my black oversized woven bag courtesy of Ellos. I'd seen Sophie featuring Ellos on her blog earlier on this year and it definitely looks as if it is making waves. This particular bag is big enough to fit everything in and because of it's dark, classic style, it pretty much goes with everything. This one is coming with me to the blogger meet on Saturday night, when a load of us are heading to Birmingham to wreak havoc catch up and dance the night away!

The contents of my bag include: car keys, my personalised planner (click to see a past post), my current reading book (see below), my iPhone, my little netbook (perfect for blogging on the go!), my cheapo Primark sunnies, and, of late, a parcel winging it's way to a customer of my little shop! :)

I'm reading The Magician's Nephew at the moment which is one of my favourite books from my childhood. If you haven't heard of it before, it's the prequel to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and explains the origin of Narnia, Aslan, the Snow Queen and even that magical growing lamp post. I'm slowly running out of un-reads though, what do you suggest? And please not that book which everyone is obsessing about at the moment.

Claire x


  1. I've just finished a brilliant black comedy called 'Kill Your Darlings' by Terence Blacker, a brilliant satire of the world of writers, agents and publishers. The main protagonist, a slimy washed up middle aged man, longs to make a success of a new novel. His world is collapsing around him with a failed marriage, a distant son, a tedious job as a creative writing teacher. Until he steals a manuscript from one of his most brilliant students...
    I hope I've wetted your appetite. It's brilliant. I thought I was going to think it was 'alright', 'a bit dark for me' but it was truly brilliant.
    Beyond that I would recommend what I recommend to everyone: 'The Remains of the Day' by Kazuo Ishiguro.
    Hope I've helped! xx

  2. The personalised planner is so cute! I've got to get myself one of those. Your bag is much neater than mine, I always find such random and pointless things in there! xx

  3. Your bag looks fab, the personalised planner looks really nice, I actually been looking at it last night, thinking of making my own. x

  4. That's a lovely bag! I'm nosy so I really like these kinds of posts. ;)

    Good luck with the placement, hope you have an awesome time!

  5. oh the magician's nephew! i love that you've just reminded me of it. whenever i'm feeling gloomy or down i always dig around in my cupboards for my childhood books. enid blyton was my fave! i hope you have a good night out in birmingham :) i miss going out there. i can't wait to move back in september!! x

  6. Oh, The Magician's Nephew! I loved the Narnia books when I was little, although nothing could ever beat Ballet Shoes/The Secret Garden for me. And of course Harry Potter, but that goes without saying. Recommendations wise, I just finished The Woman in White (Wilkie Collins) which I can say very little intelligent about other than that it's Victorian and melodramatic and brilliant!

    Emily Wears Things

  7. I thought I was the only one in the world who'd read a Magician's Nephew! Thank goodness there are other fans out there. I was so disappinted when they didn't make that into a film first as I think it's the best Narnia book (: I love your bag here as well, I really need a new bag so I may have to check out Ellos' site. xx

  8. That's a really nice bag. Your keyring is very cute! Xo

  9. That planner is seriously lovely.
    I've just finished I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, which is just a really sweet coming of age/love story by Dodie Smith.

  10. I loved that book, I re-read the whole series a few years back. I'm just about to start a new book tonight, Pure by Andrew Miller and hoping it's as good as the reviews!

    Doll on fashion

  11. Good luck with your placement!
    I just finished reading Drive which I thought was really quite good and I've started reading the first in The Maze Runner series, it's going well so far :) x

  12. Gosh, what a very organised bag!
    I'm reading The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and it seems pretty good so far, a nice easy read!

  13. Ahh thanks for the link my lovely! Ellos do have some lovely things!
    Good luck on your placement, i'm sure you'll ace it.
    I'm just about to start Water for Elephants if that tickles your fancy? It's set in a circus during the depression in the US.

  14. SATURDAY!!!
    I love the Magicians Newphew although I only read it recently. I hated anything like that as a child, and anything like the Famous Five or Malory Toweers. You just don't read those in the valleys. I was really into Point Horror as a kid.

    Have you read Submarine by Joe Dunthorne? One of my faves and I'm reading a book about the Mitford Sisters called Letters between Six Sisters at the moment. Very good.

    Try too xx

  15. One Day by David Nichols is brilliant :-)

  16. good to hear the job is going well

  17. Sherlock Holmes books are always a good read if you want some classic British story telling and quite often as lots of short stories together in a book. The Book Theif might also take your fancy x

  18. your bag contents are very neat! I love The Magicians Nephew :) I'd recommend Shadow of the Wind if you don't know it already x

  19. I love Carlos Ruiz Zafon and The Magicians Nephew is fab, I might go and re-read it now!

    Maria xxx


  20. Love these posts! Your owl keyring is adorable =)
    I am also sick of hearing about THAT book! xx

  21. Just spotted the owl key chain! How sweet is that! Have a fantastic time in Brum! :D

    Your shop looks wonderful, shame the dotty blouse has sold out!

  22. lovely bag and nice purse inlove with the glasses too xx :))

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  23. I'm reading the Narnia series now and it's great! I just found your blog, it's lovely! xx


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