Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Experiments : Finger Waves

Fashion often takes inspiration from older times, as do beauty trends. You only have to look at the 60s feline flick of eyelinder to realise that really, we all want a piece of that nostalgia.

I’ve thought to myself “I was born in the wrong decade” on multiple occasions. I will never see Ian Curtis dance and that makes me so sad.

This evening, on a whim of spare time and experimentation, I had a go at emulating a classic 1920s look, all waves and pins and fluttery lashes, courtesy of my good friend, GHD.

 Products used: GHD Air (sponsored), Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Spray, OSiS+ Hairbody, 1 bobble, 4 clips, and a free evening to experiment

Except. I’m not really a delicate sort of person when it comes to style. So it was only right to bring the androgyny back, and update the look for 2012. Here is my 1920s inspired look, for the modern laydee.

Ok, so it's not quite as neat as my inspirational images, but neat and trim was never really me anyway, was it?

Youtube is your saviour for this sort of fiddly style, and there are lots of tutorials from ordinary girls who want to stand out from the crowd with a signature, vintage style. One in particular which is especially good is this one!
Claire x


  1. Aww this is such a pretty style on you! I'd love to try it sometime but I'm really impatient/lazy aha :P

    Rhiannon xxx

  2. The fact you mentioned Ian Curtis makes this blog post 100x times more amazing than it already is. I dance like him sometimes, only a bit better, honest.
    Love the look of finger waves but I'm so lazy and just leave my hair to do it's own thing, sounds so simple though!

  3. Beautiful! I love vintage hair styles but can never seem to achieve them - well done!

  4. aww i love it :) such a ladylike style but i like how you've kept it slightly messy and made it look modern :) x

  5. That looks so gorgeous on you! I'm really jealous of how think your hair is.. I recently cut mine and now it's just too darn short to do anything with !! Great blog though :)

  6. Aww, you look super cute. Very period. And congratulations on the job! Yey! x

  7. You look lovely Claire! Id love to try something like this xx

  8. I adore the 1920s beauty looks, especially the makeup & your updated version is so perfect, I love that it's a little disheveled & it really suits you too!

  9. Ahhh great post! I love when people show where their inspiration is from. You suit this 20's style so much. I may even be brave enough to try this for myself. And lovely blog btw! Can't believe I've only just come across it now...

    Gemma x

  10. Very Florence! You should rock this look with a kimono or long dress x

  11. i've never tried that before, looks so interesting :) you did a great job, you look beautiful :)

    Your blog is fantastic :) it's so much fun and interesting!

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

  12. Beautiful hair, beautiful lady xxx

  13. this looks really pretty! xx

  14. this looks really pretty! xx


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