Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ceiling is the sky

You will have to excuse the terrible lighting in the following outfit post, but here is a pretty picture out of my brother's window to both explain why, and show off a bit that I have views like this. Aaaw.

I've been waiting for a nice day to try out my new flatforms from Miss Ikon. I was kindly gifted a pair to review and struggled to pick a colour! I was really erring on the side of orange but eventually plumped for black as they'll be much more versatile. They're a little big so I'd recommend you go a size down to what you normally are, though the support with the ankle strap helps keep your toes in place.

I've been wearing these trousers to absolute DEATH lately. They're a subtle take on the patterned trouser trend, and I believe they come in purple aswell, but these are perfect teamed with a cream blouse or doubling up with spots. I've just saved an instagram picture by Urban Outfitters that illustrates spots on spots perfectly.

Leopard print tee - Topman
Polkadot tapered trousers - Primark
Polkadot socks - Topshop

Black flatforms - c/o Miss Ikon

Jeeeezzzz I've been a busy bee lately! I haven't forgotten about the third Life as a PR Intern posts, I've just had to put it on hold while life away from the blog takes over a bit. In a week, you'll be satisfied, my job-seeking darlings. Yesterday I survived my first every event, involving the media, photographers, and clients. I don't really want to be specific with people's names but if you're from Leicester you'll have seen THAT MASSIVE NEW BUILDING on Eastern Boulevard, and, well, it was there. And today it had a whole page spread in the Leicester Mercury - I'm so happy!

More tomorrow chickens...


  1. Ooh I love this outfit :) the spots on spots look gorgeous!
    The sky seems to be so pretty at the moment <3
    Kaz x

  2. Lovely look! those polka dot trousers are beautiful too x x

    Love Amie

  3. aaw Claire, sounds like the new job is going so well :) Love that t-shirt, when I worked in Topshop we were banned from buying Topman t-shirts and wearing them to work because it put boys off wearing them haha! I did it anyway xx

  4. ah yes i recognoise this t shirt, it's been selling really well in the shop i work in. bit too young for me but it's pretty neat.

  5. and a whole page, that's some pretty good going. well done

  6. Ah I have these flatforms, great minds <3 Although on my left foot they really cut into my ankle! I need to wear them with white socks like this I think. xx

  7. LOVE the t-shirt! looks great on you lovely :) x

  8. I love these trousers! BRAVO on your fantastic coverage too, so pleased for you! :)

    Maria xxx

  9. The flatforms are so cool and I actually think the lighting in the photos is really beautiful :) xoxo

  10. Looooove the trousers, so so cute! Looking forward to the next PR Intern post :-) xxx


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