Thursday, 13 September 2012


At the grand age of 22, following years of perfect vision and kinda maybe a little bit wishing I could be cool enough to wear clear glass hipster frames (sorry), it's official. My life of perfect vision is over! After having momentary hysteria that I'd be blind within a year, I calmed down a bit, and actually, got quite excited about picking frames.

I'm only mildly short-sighted and have been struggling driving and concentrating at work for 8 hours + a day, so living a life of screen-staring had it coming, really.

What d'you reckon? I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit in love.

I chose these frames courtesy of Firmoo, who leapt at the chance to deck me out with my first ever pair of specs. For a reasonably late-starter, my First Pair of Glasses struck quite a chord with me, did you have that too, fellow specs-wearers? It's akin to my first pair of converses (black, battered), or my first mobile phone (phillips, orange, brick). 

Firmoo offer a really wide range of fashion and practical styles, so I had absolutely no trouble choosing a style. After much deliberation, I chose a unisex pair in tortoiseshell. I'm a massive Wayfarer fan so anything in this sort of style grabbed my attention. I soon realised my eyes would be totally lost behind thick, black frames, so I plumped for a lighter style.

Less than a week after I provided my chosen style and prescription, they arrived, safe and sound, on my doorstep. I was a little concerned that if I didn't like my bespoke glasses, I'd be stuck. So, if you're a glasses-newbie like me, it's definitely advisable to go and try on frames beforehand in a shop, to get an idea of styles, colour, shape, and that sort of thing.

Saying that, I really couldn't be happier with these. They're super light so I've already got used to wearing them and ignoring them (though I haven't quite forgotten they're atop my head and spent hours searching for them, just yet). I'm tempted to get another pair too in a slightly lighter colour to match with the rest of my wardrobe.... choices choices!

Firmoo have a rather exciting deal on at the moment for a free pair of glasses, so if you're thinking of an upgrade, it's definitely worth checking out...

More tomorrow!
Claire x


  1. you look awesome in glasses! absolutely adore your skirt in this photo too...where's it from?? :) x

  2. They look really nice, you picked some lovely frames and they suit you so well

  3. I love these frames, they really suit you. x

  4. Aw, I think you look so cute and preppy/classy with your new glasses! They suit you so well and frame your face perfectly x

  5. they definitely suit you, love them! I got my first pair of glasses when I was about 3 or 4 sadly :( xx

  6. aw you really suit them amigo! I've had glasses since I was like 10 and I hate them so much, I'm literally blind when it comes to seeing anything further than a metre from my face!! xx

  7. These glasses are amazing! You look magnificent I have to say!

  8. When I saw them, I had to take off my own glasses and have a good look at them as mine are so similar I thought they were the same haha! (: Good choice! Welcome to the glasses crew (: xx

  9. Aww these look lovely, they really suit you :)
    Can't say I shared the feeling about my first pair of specs... I was three and they were giant multicoloured plastic frames (I could say I was cool and practically had wayfarers when I was a toddler) that were almost the same size as my head. Poor child.
    Even though I have an actual pair of wayfarers now I still usually choose my contact lenses over them... I think people who've worn them since childhood always have a certain amount of animosity towards their specs!
    Kaz x

  10. Great post lovely, I've just been sent a pair of glasses from firmoo too. Similar frames but in clear, my mum hate's 'em cuz she thinks they make me look like Deidree off corrie, haha, but I love 'em, they're super specsy ;)

  11. they really suit you, good choice. funny you mention they're unisex cos my glasses are really similar in style and colour. i have some rayban glasses but im on the look out for a new pair

  12. They suit you! :)

    I was young and not concerned with the way I looked at all when I got my first pair of glasses. Unfortunately when I started caring about my appearance I was horrified to find that they were awful and unflattering. I spent a lot of time in the convening years hating wearing glasses and wearing contact lenses all the time. Now, at the age of 22, I finally have a pair of glasses that I like and don't feel awkward in. Joy!

  13. OH HAI SPECSY! ;) You look amazing, I love these frames on you!

    Maria xxx


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