Friday, 7 September 2012

Trend Love: Heritage-Inspired

The more I've got into clothes, the more experimental I'm becoming! Mixing prints, as a trend in itself, is something that really appeals to me, but on the other hand I reckon some classic looks shouldn't be tampered with too much. 

I'll be wrapping up with this season in all things heritage, taking inspiration from our culture, our music, our history, and our brands. I love tweed and tartan prints, the more bright and clashing the better!

Here is my pick of the best heritage inspired pieces from two UK brands. Top of my wishlist is definitely a tweed blazer; I'll take mine oversized, with elbow patches. Which is your favourite?

Skirt / Blazer / Rucksack - all Boden

Trousers / Coat / Skirt - all

With London Fashion Week looming (and you won't believe how bummed out I am not to be going down with some of my bloggy peers) all eyes are on British, once more, to see what our country's top designers have to offer. Incidentally, I was interviewed by Notion magazine's sister website Planet Notion yesterday about my LFW predictions, did you see?


  1. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of heritage clothing but I love these looks :) You just might have converted me xo

  2. ahh i love this! the rucksack is my favourite. perfect autumnal shades as well :) x

  3. I live in the country. It's like tweed... tweed everywhere.... which is good because I love tweed.


  4. I am loving everything, esp the Very range!

  5. Tartan never grows old, and I love the idea of tweed being big this season xxx

  6. Grazia, Planet Notion... dead famous now ;) I love this type of trend, it comes back around every year. Very classic.


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