Sunday, 9 September 2012

We can feel it in our bones

Today's post title comes from a track on the new Bloc Party album 'Four', which I am absolutely LOVING at the moment! It's quite a bit heavier than the stuff I usually am used to; maybe my tastes are changing? I've always admired Bloc Party for experimenting and evolving through each album - and they're never comfortably pigeon-holed into a musical genre either, which is commendable.

Leather jacket - c/o French Connection
Floral dress - River Island
Socks - Marks & Sparks
Leopard courts - c/o Spartoo

This weekend I have mainly been sleeping off a cold of epic proportions. I don't usually get ill and I'm definitely not one to let it stop me from having fun - I am the girl who insisted on getting into a mosh pit at gigs despite having tonsillitis - but this weekend it has really knocked me for six :(

I just about managed to go and see a friend's band on Saturday night who are really very talented, as well as being lovely fellas. They used to practice in my basement so I have a big soft spot for their music and it's quite exciting to think I'd known them in the beginnings of their successes. They've had airplay on 6music and I predict big things. They're called "Best Friends", go have a listen!

Tomorrow I'm starting my new job so I really should be in bed now before my early start, but I just wanted to show off my new shoes before the weekend was over. I quite like these courts teamed with little ankle socks. Wearing these set off an entire conversation with Hannah about what we were forced to wear as children, strangely - I remember a lot of floral leggings and oversized jumpers... which doesn't sound that far removed from my wardrobe now!
Claire x


  1. Those socks look really cute with the court shoes! I've been listening to the new Bloc Party album too. I'm going to see them in February and I can't wait!


  2. Those shoes are so so cute with the socks, and I love the whole combo together with the leather jacket <3 you have such beauts clothes xo

  3. you look stunning! love the dress, love the leather jacket, love the socks/leopard print heels combo. fab outfit :)

    really hope you feel better soon :) x

  4. heels and socks - YES! looks great w/the outfit.

    J x

  5. Bloc party are one of those bands that I really like when I'm out and about if they're playing in a shop or bar but for some reason I've never given them much time when I'm listening to stuff at home. I've heard lots of good things about the new album though so maybe I should have a real listen.
    Love this outfit, you look lovely :)
    Good luck starting your new job, exciting!
    Kaz x

  6. best of luck for the first day, you'll do just great. i've heard a couple of tracks off their new album, must say i'm liking it much more than the last couple. sounds more like the first one, which was the only one i liked (and reminds me of being youngish again)

  7. I love Bloc Party's new album. And I love those shoes - they're amazing! Good luck for your first day. x

  8. I'll have to check out the new album by Bloc Party. I remember liking their stuff when I was younger - crazy how time flies!

    Sweet outfit too, liking the sock and shoe combo. Works well!

    Have a great first day too!

  9. I love bloc party, they've always been one of my faves! Your outfit is so lovely, the socks are adorable paired with your heels! Good luck in the new job lovely :)

    louisejoyb x

  10. I love your floral dress and leather jacket, so pretty :)

    Jo. x

  11. good luck for the new job lovely! :D Love the white socks with the leopard print, nice idea! xx

  12. Best wishes for the new job lovely! xo

  13. I love the outfit! You look lovely.

    Good luck for the new job!

    Emily xx

  14. awww your shoes and socks look so cute together :) I love your outfit ! good luck in your new job

    Beautiful Dreams

  15. love those heels with socks, good luck with the new job xx

  16. you are glowing, love your look! + new follower

  17. Your dress is so cute! And love those shoes :)

  18. You look amazing, I wish I looked as good! Hope the job is going OK :)

    Maria xxx


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