Saturday, 22 September 2012

Wishlist: Autumnal

It's almost payday, so that meaaaaaans wishlists! I've just ordered this amazing shirt from Uniqlo, so it's just a case of what to get next. I love the Sheinside wine-coloured wool blazer, and I think I might ask for this rose-gold watch for Christmas... (Sorry I said the 'c' word!)

1. Dark Red Wool Blazer - Sheinside
2. Dolly bird platform boots - New Look 
3. Check Print Jeans - Oasis
4. Purple Tree TeeDorothy Perkins
5. Rose Gold Watch - River Island

Can you believe it's almost the end of September already? I've been commuting now for two months and am wondering how long it will be before I get tired of the hour long drive and want to move closer... Terrifying as the thought may be. I've done the whole left-home-for-uni thing but moving away for a job seems so much more grown up! 

Are any of you guys from Leicester or know of anyone looking for a roomie? I don't want to sound desperate but I can count my friends in that entire county on one hand, it'd be nice to meet some new faces! :)


  1. I adore that blazer and those boots are rather pretty! x

  2. Love all of these! That wool blazer is very teddy boy x

  3. the blazer is lovely! Love the look of the boots too, but don't say the C word yet! xx

  4. I'm loving the check trouser trend! Some very good picks here!!

    I'm sorry to say I don't think you'll get used to the hour commute... I do it each way and have done for nearly 4 years. It hasn't got ANY easier :(

  5. Oh I love that blazer! And everything else, in fact!

    Emily Wears Things

  6. That blazer is gorgeous! And definately go for the watch, it goes with every outfit :)

  7. the print is so amazingon that shirt!

  8. Stop making me want to spend my money Claire!

  9. Oh I love that blazer! I know what you mean about the friends things. I've just moved back with my parents and no nobody here anymore x

  10. The blazer is divine! xo

  11. A rose gold watch is high on my wishlist right now as well as any thing burgandy and emerald green.

    Luxx Mint

  12. Lovely items. I love all the burgundy and burnt oranges around at the moment. And I especially like that t-shirt x


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