Saturday, 27 October 2012

How sustainable is your wardrobe?

As part of October Fashion Month, last Thursday I popped into Meadowhall in Sheffield to sit in on "A Fashion Conversation" at M&S. On the panel, amongst others, was Grace Woodward, Stylist to celebs, former BINTM judge, and all round mega-babe. And she is, in the flesh, a mega-babe.

Alex McIntosh (left), London College of Fashion, and designer Helen Storey MBE

I could write pages and pages about Grace (first name terms since she complimented me on my shoes) who is pictured above left, but the night itself was more about the issue of Sustainability in Fashion. You might've seen me live-tweeting the debate, and it really did make me think about the concept of being a little bit more eco-conscious with my wardrobe.

The term "sustainability" is pretty fluid, can be interpreted in multiple ways and pretty much affects every part of our lives. My boss would say environmental issues are "vogue" themes in the media right now, but ultimately, I think being more morally conscious with your impact on the environment is just a decision you can make, by yourself.

Lots of topics were touched upon in the debate, one of which was fusing together culture and science to create, wait for it, clothes which purify the air while you wear them. That's right, pollution-reducing fibres. Kind of amazing, right? From what it sounded like, "catalytic clothing" is only really in the testing stage, but the possibilities of it sound revolutionary. Especially in densely populated, and hence stupidly polluted, international cities, such as Beijing or New York.

Personally, much of what I worry about these days regards my future. A lot of it is financially-rooted (not good for a fashion blogger, you might think). Sometimes, it's not possible for me to keep buying new things if I don't necessarily need them, so you could say that a shopping addiction isn't sustainable to a Junior salary, like mine. 

What sustainability issues affect you in your lives and in fashion? 
Would you wear clothes which purify the air while you wear them?
Claire x


  1. Great thought provoking post! I don't have a massive budget for clothing so I do tend to buy from charity shops and ebay so I guess that's fairly sustainable! I'm not sure about the air purifying clothes, that sounds crazy! I love Grace Woodward too, lucky lady meeting her :)
    Rachleelle x

  2. ah the old pollution-reducing fibres clothing debate, if I had a penny......

    try shopping on a lower than junior salary since leaving uni, it's not pretty but luckily i work at places which all give nice discounts. i too worry a lot about my future, how things seem to be slipping away while not making much progress. either my time will come or i don't want it enough. i'm not sure, but i do know it could be a lot worse. the thing that sucks the most is me and hollie can't afford to live together.

  3. Hmm sounds really interesting but it would all come down to coast really. I try and buy a lot of clothes from ebay and charity shops and give my clothes away to freinds and swap things rather than constantly buying new. I think we could all do more of that now until these new technologies emerge x


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