Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Photo Diary #9

These photo diaries are very sporadic, but I'm obsessed with my ever growing camera collection and I love keeping up with what other bloggers are up to away from the traditional outfit posts and hauls of shoes. My Photo Diary series is a comfort blanket of visual nostalgia that I can always dip in and out of, so I hope you like seeing them too.

1. Being in awe of a carnivorous bird that was heavier than my rucksack.
2. Exploring the teeny antique shops in Bailgate, Lincoln.
3. Me and my Hanny catching up at The Harley, Sheffield.
4. My new brogues from Strump with a deliciously pink sole.
5. Liam just before we got rid of his 17 year old Rover. Sad faces.
6. Perusing the wares at the #NextBeauty event last week, reviews to come!

I've always been quite conscious that my blog should reflect a true representation of my life, but, realistically, it's more a representation of the bits in my life worth sharing. I'm screeching singing along to the radio during multiple commutes for  nearly 15 hours a week, and I can promise you, you wouldn't want to see that, never mind hear it. Just a note that the pink and black patent brogues don't seem to be available online any more, but Sebago do some similar ones.
Claire x


  1. ooo iahve the new york fragrance from next and it is really nice. strong but very nice. xx

  2. haha you are too cool Claire, just too cool. Also those brogues are bloody lovely, pink soles!! that bird is scary. xx

  3. Oh my gosh you held an owl! That is too cool, i'd love to do that. Great pictures, I'm totally with you about photo diaries on blogs I think it just gives a blog a more personal touch.

  4. I am so jealous that you got to hold an owl, I love them! LOVE those shoes too, definitely an amazing choice for you!

    Maria xxx

  5. haha lok at Liam, so sad and stroking the car. Bless! loving the pink soles xx

  6. Love, Love, Love those shoes. I use to have a pair in the 6th grade which was in the early 90's, but they were more like Michael Jackson's patent leathers. Those are super cool though with the pinks soles. I'm also an owl lover although I'd probably have a heart attack if I were in that situation. Great blog! I'm a newbie... just started following. My blog is Skylar Magazine, feel free to stop by anytime!


  7. i like posts like this, just see a bit of everything don't you. why did you get rid of the rover?


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