Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sold my feelings now I'm hanging by a thread

It's been nearly a week since I last posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't had anything to report! First of all, thankyou for all of you who send me lovely supportive messages last week when I found out my Grandad had died. So many of you have experienced deaths in the family and I really appreciated every single kind word.

This week I've been really busy! I've been travelling across the Midlands with work - I'm organising a Bonfire-night-themed corporate event which, though we can't have fireworks, has been a lot of fun. Yesterday I was trying to think of Guy Fawkes themed novelty food..... I bloody love my job!

Stripe nautical shirt - Forever 21
Lucy floral peter pan dress - c/o Fashion Culprit
Tuk creepers - c/o Spartoo

I've made a conscientious effort to work on my blog photography. I love bloggers who shoot away from their bedroom, and there are many I read (HI RACHEL) who I fawn over and wish I too had more confidence to snap in public. These were taken just off Lincoln High Street, where there are multiple windy roads which I would gladly donate a kidney to live on.

The dress I have layered up here is courtesy of Fashion Culprit (and is on sale now if you search for 'Lucy'). I like the combination of stripes and florals, and with my creepers it feels a little bit more 'me' and not too sugary sweet.

Also to come on the blog - this week I popped down to London for the #NextBeauty event, seeing some of my bloggy pals and getting to know the Next fragrance range. Photographs and reviews to come!
Claire x


  1. HI. (ah you're always too kind) I've sort of got to the stage where I don't give a toss about anyone looking at me strangely if my boyfriend is taking a photo of my hand/boots/close up of shirt collar. Meh. Try taking some snaps in a park maybe, that always looks vaguely normal! :p Anyway love the mixing prints here, and your hair, please teach me how to do such a snazzy top knot. xxx

  2. i'm liking these on the streets type photos, makes for really nice backgrounds when you see just really normal but familiar feeling places. i like horizontal stripes on shirts, quite rare really

  3. Sad to hear what happened, but I'm glad to see you've got an outlet for it and are still managing to blog, you tough cookie!
    Sounds like you have an amazing job indeed.

    the making of things

  4. So sorry to hear about your Grandad. Big hugs.
    How do you do a Bonfire night party with no fireworks?? I hope you can tell us about it =)

  5. Looking lovely as always, love the location of the photos, they do look like such nice houses, definitely worth a kidney donation!

    Really sorry to hear about your Grandad. I lost mine in January and lost my Grannie last August. It is a difficult time and hard having to be strong for your parents whilst also feeling sad yourself. Sending you hugs my love.


  6. Great location, a little quaint and nostalgic. I always wonder how fashion blogger snaps outdoors, you make it look effortless here though Claire! Looking forward to seeing more.
    Sorry to hear about your Grandad, such sad news xxx

  7. You look lovely :) such a pretty little outfit!
    The street you're on looks incredibly cute, I'd definitely give a few organs away to live somewhere like that too!
    Kaz x

  8. You look fab, I love this backdrop! Also LOVING those creepers on you, wish I could pull them off!

    Maria xxx

  9. Very pretty outfit!
    You and your blog are just lovely.

    I'm sorry to hear about your Grandad, I hope you're ok <3

    le fresne x

  10. I love your outfit, I'm always too scared to try clashing patterns. I need to grow some balls!
    So glad you're enjoying your job, it sounds great. You could make bonfire cupcakes with toasted marshmallow on top..mmm.. :) x


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