Monday, 5 November 2012

Burn my sweet effigy, I’m a road runner

Ravi Famous 2

I'm surprised I'm not flat out in a wine-induced coma right now, but the blog called, so so be it. Today was quite a test for me; it was the day of a corporate celebration event I'd been helping to plan for weeks and, since it's 3 weeks before my first appraisal, I was desperate to make a good impression!

Being the 5th November, we had a Bonfire themed do, with sparklers, a Guy Fawkes cake, and yummy warming jacket potatoes with chilli. Ok ok, so it wasn't exactly the Olympic opening ceremony in terms of scale, but it's a starting point, and I'm just so chuffed that nothing went horribly wrong.

Onto outfit!
Ravi Famous
Dr Martens - Bank
Denim shirt - Topshop
Wool scarf - eBay
Skull dress - c/o Ravi Famous

This is SUCH a typical Claire-outfit I was in two minds about posting it. It's very close to my everyday where, so to me it's routine, and in my head, not particularly special. It's only when a friend of mine commented on the combo when I even thought about snapping it. Hence the hasty dark alley picture.

In this rather convoluted way (it's late), here is my latest addition to my wardrobe, dress courtesy of Ravi Famous. Skulls have been incredibly popular in fashion for I can't remember how long, from McQueen scarves to the more affordable brands like this one. I didn't want skeleton overload at work, so wrapped up with my denim shirt to dress it down a bit. 
Claire x


  1. Ooh it's lovely. I really like it with the shirt over the top - like you say, full on skeleton can be a bit overpowering at times!

    So pleased the event went well for you :)

  2. that skull dress is amazing! Glad the event went down well <3 xx

  3. Love the denim skirt and Docs, you look lovely!

    Maria xxx

  4. I love the colour of your DMs x

  5. you look so cute and wintery aww!
    also, loving the title of this post - kasabian ;) xo

  6. i stayed in and was being a gramps as usual on bonfire night but glad your event was a success

  7. Great look! I would like to invite you to me :) Let's follow each other =]
    xxx from Spain ✝

  8. Hello Claire, you look so sweet! i like your scarf and boots.:)


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