Thursday, 1 November 2012

NEXT Beauty Blogger Event AW12

This post is a long time coming! Last week I was invited down to the rather gorgeous Hempel Hotel in London to view the new Autumn collection of Fragrance and Beauty from Next. I would hazard a guess that when you think of "Next" cosmetics don't exactly spring to mind straight away. However, these images and reviews may well just change that....

I reckon Next is definitely worth a scout about, especially when you're starting to think about buying for a certain festive season coming up... A lot of the products I reckon would make really great stocking fillers, especially this sweet manicure set from the Cashmere collection and I'm tempted to buy one of the men in my life (oi oi) the Neroli and Black Pepper Eau de Parfum in the Mens' range - yum!

Along with the rest of the bloggerati, I walked away with a kindly gifted goodie-bag, which I proceeded to leave at my mate's house for 2 weeks, hence the delay to this post, gah! 

I was pretty giddy about the selection of goodies from The Collection, though because I'm a nice friend, I offered a body creme which the product image is above, to Kate, who put me up for the evening as a thankyou. Kate's quite a beauty product fiend, so I asked her to give me an honest review...

"Personally, I didn't like the smell - it absolutely honks. But it has a lovely iridescent shimmer, and is more gloopy than you'd expect from a sugar scrub. I usually prefer my scrubs to be quite gritty, but I found I liked the softness of this one." 

I haven't tried the make-up yet (I am planning a separate post for that), but I've already had my Mum try to steal the diffuser from my bedroom TWICE - "but it would look so much nicer in the hallway!"

Thankyou Next for putting on such a fantastic evening! Roll on the 7th November for even more fun and fashion-related times! Have you lot ever tried any Next fragrances or cosmetics?
Claire x


  1. Nice way of avoiding the C-word ;) I've never used Next "cosmetics" as such, but I've tried their fragrances. My friend currently works for them, so I have a feeling I know where my birthday (see, I can do it too!) present will be from this year xx

  2. Some lovely stuff there, so excited for the big C now! x

  3. Those make up colours will look great on you especially the blue and grey. Don't think I've ever bought make up form Next but the perfumes can be lovely x

  4. I like the look of their products but I don't think I'll be buying any toiletries from Next any time soon to be honest! xx

  5. I always used to use Next cosmetics and perfume when I was younger, it looks a lot more chic & 'grown-up' now! I like the look of the candles :)
    Rachelle x

  6. I love Next perfumes for everyday! I just bought my Mum the New York one and it's so lovely I think I need to buy it for myself x


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