Thursday, 22 November 2012

Top Blogger Challenges for Christmas

Over the past few months I've received more and more messages in my inbox from brands that are hosting blogger competitions, and I've always thought this was a very clever idea. Not only are they dishing out goodies you would save MONTHS for, they're raising the profile of their ranges too.

Sadly, I don't have enough time to enter, but instead I thought you might be interested...

Redfoot are holding a style competition to find future guest posters and also to win an enviable collection of shoes! This is a great chance if you fancy yourself as a bit of a freelancer by gaining some unpaid experience blogging on behalf of a fashion brand. All you have to do is blog an outfit post of yourself wearing ballet pumps. And yes, there's that added bonus of a whopping £200 worth of clothes vouchers. For all the deets on how to enter, click here! is also holding a fab Christmas-themed challenge, this time with a wishlist style format. Their challenge is for you to use your super budgeting skills and put together an outfit for under £100 and blog about it. The catch? You are restricted to just one store, of your choosing of course. There is more than one prize up for grabs and you've got a bit of time to think about it yet - closing date is the 17th December. Again, click here for all the info.

The next challenge comes from Yourvine with ASOS. This one I am ridiculously excited about and will be pawing at my screen come 12pm today. The basic idea is that you complete mini challenges with a brand, and get rewards in return. The Time Out page is now live, and the ASOS one goes up later today - which of course I'm more excited about! Tasks include things like tweeting a hashtag, sharing videos on Facebook of celeb collaborations (I'm looking at you Ellie Goulding), really easy stuff. And the rewards range from money off your next purchases, free Premier membership, and 10 items from your wishlist delivered for free! Check out the new site and get registered asap to be involved.

Last by by no means least, a blogger favourite - Boohoo! If you want to treat your readers this Christmas as well as yourself, this is the one to enter. The online retailer are setting you the task of creating a wishlist collage with at least 3 Boohoo items on. All you have to do is blog about your top #partypose picks (phew) and email it over to be entered in a prize drawer. For all the information click here.

Let me know if you're thinking of taking part in any of these, and most of all - good luck!
Claire x


  1. There's this Barratts competition too!

  2. I think I'll be having a go at the Fashion Vouchers one and the one too. It's just finding the time to blog that's difficult at the moment!

  3. Such a good post, Ill be having a good at the Boohoo one, I love their stuff! Following you now xx


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