Sunday, 18 November 2012

Top Picks : November

Happy Sunday darlings! This is one of my favourite days of the week, destined for lie-ins, films on 4od, and maybe this time of year, a stroll around the frosty lakes near where I live. Nothing too heavy today, just a review of my top cosmetic picks this month...

Moschino Cheap & Chic, I LOVE LOVE: My perfume of the moment comes from The London Perfume Company, and has added to my growing collection of fragrances. This one is conveniently handbag sized, so like those testers you can often pick up behind the counter in those little vials, this one is perfect size for taking to work or out in town. I LOVE LOVE is what I would call an easy perfume to wear. It's young but not sickly sweet, nor is it overpowering. With notes of grapefruit and tea rose, over the past week I've found myself reaching for it every morning. A firm fave!

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in Cool Vanilla: I'm a big fan of the No7 range, converted last year at the Meadowhall Beauty Blogger Style School. I thought the skin matching service they have been promoting lately is a fantastic idea - how many of us have experienced the humiliating realisation mid morning that we're actually orange, or pasty white in a different light to our bathroom mirror? It's a pretty popular service and it took me weeks to be able to pop in when someone was free, but it's definitely worth the wait. Even my oblivious boyfriend has commented on how flawless and natural my skin looks with this range and for less than £20 that is an absolute find in my books!

Schwarzkopf got2b volumising styling powder: A SAVIOUR for girls with fine hair. Mine is decidedly lack lustre, especially after washing. It's a tough job getting volume into hair like mine which just wants to lie so flat. Thanks to wise words of Kate, (best friend in residence), this is my latest find which rectifies all that. It kinda feels like you're sprinkling salt into your hair, and magically makes your hair stiffer and more malleable. You only need a bit mind, but it's super cheap and lasts for ages.

What are your favourite products of late?

Claire x


  1. I've heard such good things about the foundation match service at no 7. Can't wait to go home at Christmas and try it out.

    Elise x

  2. Ooo the perfume sounds gorgeous, I desperately need a new one! xx

  3. It was so lovely to see you yesterday! I need to get myself foundation matched, yours looked perfect yesterday!

    Maria xxx

  4. I have that Schwarzkopf powder and I love it! I've been wondering about the new No 7 matching service, I might take the plunge in the new year when I get some pennies :-) xxx


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