Sunday, 27 January 2013

Photo Diary #10

What a week! I've been acting like a proper student and ACTUALLY GOING OUT into town and staying up past midnight. Shocking. Since graduating I do feel much more boring, early nights and napping on the sofa is a regular occurrence these days.

However, this week I've been really sociable (lol!) seeing lots of my old uni mates and exploring Sheffield for future Exposed posts. I've got some many exciting things to write about my lovely city of Sheffield, so I hope you're going to be a regular reader of my Exposed blog too.

1. A sneaky peak of an exciting new shop in Sheffield
2. Me and my girlie Hannah, a few glasses of wine too happy
3. Muddy shoes are never good, especially white converses! 
4. I like pretending I live in a mirror at Smashbox.
5. Getting muddy trainers in the sun at the Belton House Orangery

Also.... a massive congrats to Mat from Buckets & Spades, who won the Hilton voucher giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered, I'll be holding another giveaway sooooooon enough.

Claire x


  1. I love your blog hun, especially the way you write :) xx

  2. I want some smashbox makeup and I want it now. Didn't Lo from laguna used to work there? That makes it SO MUCH BETTER


  3. Lovely photos Claire :).

    Sadie x

  4. Sounds like a delightful little weekend, I love getting back to my students roots every now and then to pretend I'm not actually becoming a grandma who likes nothing more than early nights and biscuits in front of the telly.
    Love your leggings by the way :)
    Kaz x

  5. I'm pretty sure I saw you in Sheffield the other day, near the train station. I'll say hello next time! Love your blog. xx

  6. Love those leggings and whatever coat/jacket you're wearing living in the Smashbox mirror! :) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  7. loving your leggings Claire. And whoop to mid week going out again! I tend to go through phases, I'm either in with a cuppa every night or out and about..xx

  8. Ah you look lovely! I have been trying to be more sociable this year, and it is exhausting, haha!

    Maria xxx

  9. Great photos, love your 'wine face'! xx

  10. The new shop looks lovely! Nice photos, hope you had a good week :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  11. Belton House Orangery? ooooh, how posh! I went out on Saturday and I'm still paying for it now, so so old :(

  12. Is the shop any chance Bird's Yard? I was in Sheffield today and was passing down Chapel Walk and stumbled upon this beautiful shop I'd not seen before (sure it was Oasis last time I visited!) So many quirky bits and pieces and the decoupaged hoover made me smile. Sorry if it's totally not the same shop! xxx

  13. Ooh a new shop in Sheffield? I like the look of it! Sheffield has some great shops. I don't often venture there from Rotherham but when I do I always see nice places X


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