Friday, 11 January 2013

Take our hands out of control

Just quickly checking into the blog mid-pack, I'm away from home this weekend, rediscovering my favourite fashion haunts in Leeds for a feature I'm writing. I can think of worse things than being paid to go shopping in a buzzing northern city, which is what I usually spend my weekends doing anyway!

This week has been incredibly busy, hence lack of posts and especially outfit photos. I've had meetings in 4 cities this week, 3 of which in one day, so I'm about ready to drop! I just had time this morning to take a quick snap of what I'm wearing before I threw it on and dashed out the door, so hopefully you'll get the gist.

Shoe boots - George @ Asda
Gold baroque skirt - George @ Asda
Rottweiller t-shirt - eBay

Anyway, must run and finish packing, never enough hours in the day eh? If you have any last minute top tips for what I should see and where I should go in Leeds, drop me a comment below.
Claire x


  1. Love the outfit! Ive loved that top for ages. Have fun shopping, amazing to be be paid to shop - dream! xx

  2. Need this t-shirt, soo nice!

    Have a lovely weekend sweet :)

    Hayley xx

  3. Awesome little outfit you've got going on there Claire! Head to blue rinse first- definitely Leeds' best for shopping (and then everywhere else around that end of town!), then if you want sonewhere to unwind post-shoppingtry either outlaws yacht club or dock street market :). Have a great time!
    Kaz x

  4. Look at you (or not so much look at you in this case) you little city setter! busy busy! You'll need a briefcase in no time ;)
    Love the skirt.. I swear my asda isn't the best for their clothes! booo. xx

    The Littles.

  5. I want that outfit! Love the tee and skirt! x

  6. wow you've been busy! But busy can be good.. I love this combo! xxx

  7. One of these days you need to take me on a Northern tour, the furthest North I've been is Grimsby : (


  8. That skirt is amazing and I love those shoes as well!


  9. Love this outfit, hope you aren't *too* busy!

    Maria xxx

  10. Shoe boots rule my world at the mo, those are lovely!


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