Saturday, 19 January 2013

Throw everything around your bedroom

Snow day!

Well. What's happened to the weather then? It's a bit mental isn't it? I know there's a pocket of twitter moaners shouting unhelpful things like, "it could be worse, Scandinavia has snow all year round," but when it takes me FOUR HOURS to drive what should be an hour journey back home, sorry, but that's bad enough, thankyou very much.

The snow has scuppered all of my plans! I was meant to be in Sheffield today, working on some pieces for Exposed mag, but everything has just been put on hold until the sodding ice clears.

Snow day!Snow day!
Neon pink knit - H&M
Motel playsuit - Motel
Tassel boots - c/o Next

It's been a while since I've done any outfit posts, and I was sick of the world looking so grey, so when I saw this neon knit in H&M I knew it would have to be mine. Everyone who has seen me wearing it has shielded their eyes, I am somewhat of a hazard.

I'm not quite brave enough to go all over brights, but I like the pink against the monochrone floral print of my new Motel playsuit. Don't forget you can get 20% off using the code "jazz_pad" on the Motel Rocks website!

I also wanted to show off the comfiest boots I own to date, from Next, designed by national treasure, Davina! They're incredibly soft and warm, and similar to the chelsea boot trend that's been really popular over the past few months. They're relatively fuss-free, even with the tassel detailing, and despite the obvious wild west connotation, go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

Wherever you are, be safe this weekend. Don't drive unless it's absolutely necessary (if you can work from home do so). I know it can be quite jolly when there are snowmen lining the roads, but the Mum inside me is wrapping you all up in cotton wool and sticking the kettle on for hot toddies all round, capisce?
Claire x
P.S. Have you entered my giveaway to win a mini-break of your choice somewhere in the UK, courtesy of Hilton? Thought not, get your skates on!


  1. Love that jumper! And love that you braved florals in the snow, looks fabulous x

  2. Seriously LOVE this outfit, the neon jumper is epic xx

  3. Love your bright orange jumper for winter, hope your having fun in the snow :)

  4. Love this outfit! the bright neon looks so good with the grey playsuit

  5. Love this outfit! Staying in is where it's at. Tonight is all about tea, enchiladas, PJs and Netflix! Hope you're staying warm xx

  6. Outfit posts in the snow just look so pretty! Your jumper is lovely and I love the colour, I have a similar one from H&M :)

  7. Clair - LOVE this!! I also bought a neon knit from H&m in pink but ooh I want this too!! Looks perfect with black and white!

    You've got me feeling all guilty now after I've been moaning in my latest post about everyone flapping over the weather. It is totally crap when you get stuck but I'm aiming all my anger at whoever's in charge of our roads and infrastructure - it happens every year for jeez sake!

    keep cosy girl!!

  8. I love this outfit so much! Love the bright jumper with the monochrome shorts.
    The snow has really pissed me off this weekend! It's such an inconvenience! x

  9. You're not a hazard, more if a safety beacon I'd say :-)
    You look fab, I Iove this outfit. I find this time if year the hardest to style and look stylish - too many layers!!
    I was impressed by Davina's collection in Next, I was a bit surprised to see her nestles in the pages of the catalogue though.
    Have fun, keep warm!

  10. Great way to brighten up the day :) Looks great x

  11. Oooo that neon knit is divine! Perfect for brightening up the dreary days! I for one can't wait until this snow melts!

  12. Your boots are so cute...who'd have guessed they were designed by Davina? Sorry the ice is ruining your plans, annoying isn't it! xxx

  13. Oh I love your boots, I've been on the hunt for a new pair of black, flat boots

    Alice x

  14. I love those boots! I picked up some which were similar from New Look a month or so ago and I've just fallen in love with them. Might have to get a second pair before I wear the ones I have out! xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  15. Awesome outfit, love the print and bright colours together <3

    S xx

  16. You look AMAZING- you seriously suit neon (jealous face!)

    Maria xxx

  17. I love everything about this outfit. Your playsuit looks so nice with the pop of colour from your jumper xx

  18. Dear Claire,
    Please stop being so lovely and fit and having an ace wardrobe (and amazing shoes).

    Me. xx

    The Littles.

  19. So much love for this jumper - just the pick me up that a winter outfit on a grey day needs! Love love love those boots too, so cute :-)

  20. I love that jumper!! I want the orange one :)

  21. love the neon, so on trend !



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