Friday, 1 February 2013

50 things you might not know about me

  1. I'm left handed but play sport, cut with scissors and use the computer with my right.
  2. I'd rather have a puppy than a baby.
  3. Me and my mum are similar in practically every way. She's 'arder than me though.
  4. If I make you a mix CD, it means I like you. Probably more than I should.
  5. I bloody love tattoos, and if I wasn't so worried about first impressions I'd have a sleeve.
  6. I'm the most loyal person you'll ever meet...
  7. ...and probably the most boistrous and tactile.
  8. I sort of believe in fate. Coincidences are too regular and wonderful.
  9. My first gig was the Cribs at the old Birmingham Academy.
  10. I talk in my sleep, and you could make a book out of the conversations I have had.
  11. It has taken me 22 years to realise that I'm not a heels person.
  12. When I was 12 half my face was paralysed for 3 months. I appreciate smiling more now.
  13. I crush on more girls than guys, thinking about it.
  14. I go AWOL sometimes because I like the idea of being elusive (I fail, miserably).
  15. I can run bloody fast if I have to. Only for a ball or a bus, mind.
  16. Me and my best mates climbed up a proper mountain once. It was awesome.
  17. I really want to go to India.
  18. I'd always call someone out on homophobia, racism, or sexism. Like anyone else wouldn't?
  19. I have one best mate in particular who sets the bar for friendship.
  20. I get angry when I'm drunk. Unless its you buying me a drink, of course.
  21. My favourite place is a blustery coastal town in the North East.
  22. I've seen Florence and the Machine five times. And am desperate for her next tour.
  23. I like hairy boys in converse.
  24. I'm scared of deep water you can't see the bottom of.
  25. The 1st album I owned was Stereophonics, & I'll always defend that it could've been worse.
  26. When I'm very tired I stutter.
  27. I did Geography at Uni but my spatial awareness is AWFUL.
  28. I'm obsessed with red hair.
  29. I know all of the words to Moulin Rouge.
  30. I have short legs and wonky ears.
  31. My favourite book is Northern Lights. But I was incredibly disappointed with the film.
  32. I have regular panic attacks, and I know when my fingers go numb I should calm down.
  33. People amaze me, with their kindness or ignorance, every day.
  34. I LOVE spontaneity. If you randomly implied you wanted to see me, I'd be there in a jiffy.
  35. I'm an optimist. There is always someone worse of than you. Always.
  36. I still love Paul Smith and his ridiculous quiff.
  37. I often dream I'm pulling a rope across a desert, but I can't see who's at the other end.
  38. I'm going to Paris this month and it's going to be beautiful.
  39. I fucking hate bitching. Even if I detest someone I cringe when I hear myself moaning.
  40. I love swearing. Definitely more than I should.
  41. In primary school, I was one of only 3 girls in my year.
  42. I could talk about independent retailers, Motown or Jean-Pierre Jeunet all day.
  43. I've recently started wearing glasses, and I kinda love it.
  44. My favourite city is Sheffield. Shortly followed by Birmingham.
  45. I'm a bit obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. No idea why.
  46. I'm still close friends with a guy I knew when I was in nappies.
  47. I have a little brother, and we're very, very different.
  48. I love being British, and often feel very patriotic.
  49. My birthday is on April Fools Day.
  50. I am very impressed that you go to the end of this list.

Claire x


  1. Hi lovely! it was nice to find these out about you x


  3. I really enjoyed this post! I may do one myself x

  4. I've been loving this tag lately! Agree about Northern Lights being an amazing book, but you're right, they did cock up the film! xxx

  5. Great post! I am also left handed and do everything with my right! Oh and snap on the dinosaurs thing and doing geography at uni! I am hating it!!

  6. I'm exactly the same regarding being left handed,it's really weird!x

  7. Completely loving these :)
    Must do one soon.

    Rosie x

  8. You know dinosaurs totally rock xxx

  9. Love the fact you know all the words to Moulin Rouge too, we definitely need a film night! I can;t believe your face was paralysed too, just wow.

    Maria xxxx

  10. Absolutely loved this post Claire! I smiled when I was reading, love the facts you chose! :)

    Need to see you soon lady! <3

    Hayley xx

  11. I'm also more of a puppy person than a baby person. And I get panic attacks too - thankfully not regularly though!

  12. Lovely post, nice to find out a bit more about you!

    I've done this post over on my blog too, would love for you to have a look! :) xx

  13. I love posts like this, nice to get know bloggers better xx

  14. such interesting facts! I'm jealous that you've seen Florence and the Machine 5 times, must've been amazing xx

    a thousand million words

  15. Loved reading this list! I love swearing too and always forget to cut it back when I'm back home with my younger brother. Oops. So jealous you're going to Paris next month.
    Nina from little nomad

  16. Ah you're too too cool Claire. Dinosaurs have always rocked though. V jealous of your Paris trip!! xx

  17. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  18. I'm also not a heels person. Grace and co-ordination are just not my forte! xx

  19. So, I am a fairly new reader of your blog so I loved the idea of getting to know you better but I swear, the number of things we had in common? Scary.

    I'm obsessed with Florence and the Machine. I talk in my sleep. I'm a firm believer in fate. I won't get in water if I can't see the bottom. Georgraphy? Not my thing but red hai totally is. I too know every word to Moulin Rouge and I fell in love with Northern Lights.

    But really, I loved this and it made me even more interested in your blog! If only I was British ;]

  20. I do the exact same thing as you with my hands! Wow, I thought it was just me!
    Great post m'love:)

  21. yeah i really liked the northern lights books, i quite liked the film actually but wish it had been a 2/3 parter to make it all make sense and not rush the thing.

    that's a whole load of things, you're pretty interesting!

  22. There is absolutely no shame in Stereophincs being your first album! (Although I would say that as a massive fan of them lol)

    I didn't realsie you wre a fellow east mids blogger or am I totally off base thinking that because your fave city is Sheffield? Lol

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangkes & Bakes


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